How to Maximize Customer Moments

Every. Single. Day. Customers are interacting with your employees. These employee-customer interactions manifest in different ways, from customer service calls to a customer’s request for directions to find a product in your retail store. Interactions can take different shapes and forms. Interwoven within every customer moment is your brand. What it stands for and your ability to positively impact that customer. You’re putting tremendous trust in your employees, as the guardians of your brand having those front-line conversations, to make a positive impact; to maximize customer moments.  The big question is, do your employees have the tools they need to successfully maximize customer moments?

On a basic level, a “customer moment” is an interaction between an employee and a customer. Needless to say, customer moments can occur at any time. However, with this in mind, businesses are employing strategies to make sure every customer moment is a positive one. As the world becomes more and more connected, via the internet and social media, the potential for customer moments increases exponentially.

When you factor in other recent innovations, such as the rise of smartphones and tablets, the sheer amount of potential customer moments becomes astronomical. Therefore this has led to the rise of self-service portals, where customers can receive help on many common customer service issues, such as troubleshooting.

In contrast, businesses have opened up other channels for customer service as well, such as email and chat support. In order to harness these concepts, your business will have to embrace new technologies, such as CRM (customer resource management) platforms and other omnichannel service lines. Therefore including the aforementioned email and chat, as well as maintain a commitment to classic models, such as phone support provides the best solutions.

Spotting Customer Moments

In order to maximize customer moments, we must first be able to identify them. This used to be extremely hard. Almost to the point of impossible. Similarly, tools like wireless internet and the ubiquity of the mobile devices allow for brands to tap into.

Let’s take it from the top and go through a list of different customer moments to give you a sense of what types of opportunities. Above all, as you read through this list, start to identify any of the customer moments that you think are happening around your brand, as you’ll need that information for the next step in the process. After all, improving customer interaction with your brand should be your number one goal.

  • Identify the points at which a customer interacts with your brand
  • How do you connect with the client
  • What touchpoints do you use
  • What is the customer left feeling from the brand interaction

Mapping Customer Moments

In other words, having identified all of the various customer moments which happen over the course of a day, it’s best to organize them in a way that makes sense for your team in charge of creating the strategy around impacting customer moments. Therefore, to get started, keep it high level. In addition, you can always go deeper after the initial mapping exercise is complete.

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Maximize Customer Moments to Create Customer Loyalty


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