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Easy To Use Sign Up App For Your Tablet

As we all know, there is an abundance of apps available today that allow you to use your tablet for almost anything.  While some apps turn your iPad into a gaming center or even a musical instrument, there are a growing number that can be used for more business related purposes.  A sign up app More >

Businesses Should Run Social Media Contests In-Store

With the In-Store iPad Revolution coming to businesses across the globe, it opens up the possibility for running creative contests in-store. These marketing contests can be designed to build relationships with customers, sell products and services, AND ALSO for collecting social media connections and e-mail addresses. Consumers love winning “things” and are willing to participate More >

A Complete Digital Marketing App For Your Business

Regardless of the industry, most business owners ask the same question: How do I effectively get my message in front of consumers without breaking the bank?  The solution to this question is usually a combination of online marketing and traditional marketing tactics.  However, employing these two methods can often be time consuming and still somewhat More >

Creating a Partnered Online Marketing Campaign

These days, executing a successful social media and email marketing campaign isn’t as easy as it once was.  The problem lies within the fact that today there are many more businesses out there bombarding consumers with spam like emails and social media posts.  For this reason, consumers are a bit more hesitant to “Like” your More >

Collect Social Media Connections During Events

Have you ever hosted, or considered hosting, an event for your customers? Using events as marketing tactics is a great way to increase one day sales. Imagine if you could use events not only to create one day sales blips, but as a way to connect with those customers on Facebook, Twitter, and collect their More >