A Complete Digital Marketing App For Your Business

Regardless of the industry, most business owners ask the same question: How do I effectively get my message in front of consumers without breaking the bank?  The solution to this question is usually a combination of online marketing and traditional marketing tactics.  However, employing these two methods can often be time consuming and still somewhat costly.  To establish an online presence, businesses spend large amounts of time trying to increase their social media following in order to drive traffic to their website.  On the traditional marketing side, a business may regularly employ a graphic designer to create posters, flyers, or signs that then must be printed/produced.  Often, this turns out being far from cheap.

With technology advances such as the iPad, there are tools out there that can help solve some of the above issues.  One iPad app in particular, OnSpot Social, addresses the challenges of both online marketing and traditional print marketing at the same time.  OnSpot Social, which functions as both a social media connection center and digital sign app, has been proven to be effective and low maintenance.

Onspot Social allows business owners to provide a means for consumers to Like their Facebook page, Follow them on Twitter, or subscribe to their email list right on the business’s iPad which would be placed in a visible location.  When used properly, businesses are able to significantly increase their social media and email following with high quality connections without spending hours online trying to find new followers.

OnSpot Social also functions as a digital iPad sign app that can be used in stores, restaurants, athletic clubs, bars, trade shows, conventions, etc.  Businesses are able to promote their brand as well as communicate a message through the full screen digital sign mode that can be activated.  Examples of messages businesses communicate to consumers through the iPad app include: sale information, business hours, upcoming events, new products, special of the day, and so on.  By using an iPad as a digital sign, printing posters and flyers is no longer needed and a substantial amount of time, money, and trees can be saved.

As more and more businesses jump onto the iPad in-store trend, it’s important to choose an app that will ultimately do the most to increase profits.   OnSpot Social accomplishes this by engaging consumers and increasing your social media and email following while at the same time freeing up your staffs’ time and reducing printing costs.

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