Easy To Use Sign Up App For Your Tablet

As we all know, there is an abundance of apps available today that allow you to use your tablet for almost anything.  While some apps turn your iPad into a gaming center or even a musical instrument, there are a growing number that can be used for more business related purposes.  A sign up app basically turns your iPad or Android device into an electronic form.

Below are just a few ways a sign up app, such as OnSpot Social, can be used:

Registration & Sign Up App Uses

Email List Sign Up

Place a tablet displaying an email sign up form anywhere your target audience visits and start growing your list instantly.  Many businesses have an email sign up area on their websites – why not have one in a store or event booth?

Event Registration

Instead of requiring event attendees to fill out paper registration forms, go digital.  Save time as well as paper by using an app that attendees can input their information into.

Meeting or Conference Check-in

Similar to event registration –  meetings, conferences, and seminars typically require attendees to “check-in”.   Consider placing an iPad by an entrance way or passing the tablet around during the event to allow people to electronically check-in by filling out their name or checking a box.

Newsletter Opt-in

Keeping the public up to date about your company can usually be accomplished by regularly publishing a newsletter.  The problem is getting people to opt-in to receive the newsletter.  Setup a tablet app to promote your newsletter and encourage people to opt-in right there, on the spot.

Activity or Program Sign Up

Most organizations, including schools, businesses, and charities run multiple programs and activity groups.  An iPad app can be used to register for these and electronically notify the organizer.

The OnSpot Social app is used extensively today by businesses for these very purposes – allowing people to sign up, check-in, or register at events and in-store.  Within the app’s Email & Data Collection settings, a business owner is able to setup any required fields that would need to be filled out.

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In addition to its flexibility, a major advantage of using OnSpot Social is that there are customized keyboards and input screens for different field types.  These customized keyboards and short cut keys make entering information quicker and easier compared to a stock tablet keyboard.