3 Ways to Use iPad in Your Store to Engage Customers

More and more business owners are becoming curious as to how they can use iPad in-store to educate and engage customers. We see in-store iPad use becoming a mainstream trend over the next few years. If you’re interested in using iPad in your store, but are unsure of how, this article will give you a few ideas to consider.

Use iPad In-Store to Play Video Content

Do you have a YouTube Channel set up for your business? If so, then you already have a library of video content that you are using for online marketing. Why not re-purpose that video content by using it in your store to educate customers? Playing videos on an iPad in your store for customers can be a great way to:

  • educate them on your products and services
  • share your company’s story and/or history
  • explain an upcoming event or contest

It used to be that all video marketing took place online. Now, through iPad and wireless technology, you can use iPad in your store to play video content for your customers.

Use iPad In-Store for E-Commerce

You might be thinking, “why would I use iPad in my store for e-Commerce when the customer can just make a purchase while he/she is here?” Good point. With that said, many business owners that we talk to who have both a brick-and-mortar store and e-Commerce website tell us that they sell more products on their website than they carry in the store. Why not set up an iPad Kiosk in your store, open your website through an iPad web browsing app, and give customers access to all those products that aren’t carried on hand.  This way you can convert the sale while the customer is in your store, instead of hoping he/she goes home, goes online, and orders that product from you.

Use iPad In-Store for Social Media Marketing

You know we had to throw this option in there, right? 🙂 As you may know, OnSpot Social is an iPad app that allows business owners to collect Facebook Likes, Twitter Followers, and customer email addresses right in your store. Simply download OnSpot Social on your iPad and set up the Admin section by adding your business’s Facebook page URL, and/or Twitter account information.  Display your iPad in a visible location and allow your customers who come into your store to quickly ‘Like’ your business on Facebook and follow your business on Twitter. You can also collect customer email addresses through OnSpot Social in your store.

Picture this… A customer walks into your store and is browsing around. It’s someone you don’t recognize, so potentially a new customer. They seem to be going back and forth on whether they should make a purchase. The individual then sees your iPad kiosk setup with OnSpot Social. They stop by to check out why there’s an iPad in the middle of your store. OnSpot Social shows a message that says, “Like us on Facebook and save 10% on today’s purchase”. The customer uses OnSpot Social to ‘Like’ your business on Facebook.  When the connection is made your sales associate is alerted that this customer is eligible for a discount and processes the sale.

So what just happened? Well, first you made a sale from a customer who was on the fence about their purchase. Perhaps the incentive of a discount helped. You also gained a Facebook ‘Like’, which means you now have the opportunity to start communicating with this new customer, and hopefully over time convert them into a long-term advocate/customer of your business. You were able to accomplish all of this by using iPad in your store along with the OnSpot Social iPad app.

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