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Collect Social Media Connections During Events

Have you ever hosted, or considered hosting, an event for your customers? Using events as marketing tactics is a great way to increase one day sales. Imagine if you could use events not only to create one day sales blips, but as a way to connect with those customers on Facebook, Twitter, and collect their e-mail address. By getting event attendees to ‘Like’ your business on Facebook, follow your business on Twitter, or provide you with their e-mail address, you’re establishing a open line of communication with these folks. So, how do you make this happen?

All you need is one iPad app, OnSpot Social, and an iPad. These two tools make it possible for you to collect social media connections in real-time during events. If you can successfully convert event attendees into social media and email subscribers, you then have the opportunity to market to them throughout the entire year.

What is OnSpot Social?

OnSpot Social is the first iPad app to allow consumers to connect with your business through Facebook, Twitter and Email at your physical location. OnSpot Social allows your customers to follow your business on Twitter, ‘Like’ your business on Facebook, and provide you with their e-mail address in real-time through the iPad! Simply setup an iPad running OnSpot Social in a convenient location and direct customers to use the iPad to get connected with your business on social media and email.

Event Setup & Promotion

Once you know what type of event you want to host, starting thinking about how you can incorporate the collection of social media connections and e-mail addresses from event attendees. Is it right as they walk in? Do you set up an iPad kiosk next to the bar (if you have one). Do you run a contest during the event? Any of these ideas will work. Simply make sure customers understand what you’re asking them to do, and even consider providing a little incentive for people to get connected with your business. OnSpot Social allows you to display a special promotion right on the iPad screen to incentive your event attendees to connect.

Collect Social Media Connections & E-mail Address During the Event

OnSpot Social allows businesses to collect Facebook ‘Likes’, Twitter followers, and e-mail addresses through the iPad. As the business owner you must decide what information you’d like to collect during your event. Do you want to ask event attendees to ‘Like’ your business on Facebook, follow your business on Twitter, or provide you with their e-mail address for future e-mail communications from you? Perhaps you want to try to collect all three? That’s possible as well. OnSpot Social lets you control what connections you want to make. Simply determine what you want to collect from event attendees, configure the settings in the Admin panel of OnSpot Social, and begin collecting social media connections and e-mail addresses during your next event!

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