All Businesses Want More Facebook Likes, Twitter Followers, & Customer Email Addresses

One on the best things about OnSpot Social is that it can be used by a large variety of businesses (and people as well). Basically, any business that has a physical location OR will be at a physical location whereby large groups of prospective customers are congregating, can use OnSpot Social to collect social media connections and e-mail addresses.

Retail Stores

Far and away the most obvious users of OnSpot Social are Retail Stores. From clothing chains to mom-and-pop convenience stores, retail business owners can use OnSpot Social at their storefront to collect social media connections and e-mail addresses from customers who visit their store. A process that once took months, if not years, to build a large social media following or e-mail list might now take days. For example, imagine how many customers will be visiting your store around the holidays… Having OnSpot Social in your store could drum up a few hundred social media connections and e-mail addresses depending on how many customers normally come through your doors. That’s pretty powerful stuff, as now you can start marketing to these folks online (for almost free when compared to traditional advertising costs).

Convention and Trade Show Booths

Does your company rent booth space at trade shows or conventions? If so, you should be bringing your iPad equipped with OnSpot Social with you to your next trade show. Picture a shiny iPad sitting there on your table. People love the iPad. They are likely to reach for it when browsing your literature and engaging you in convention small talk. Now that they have the iPad in their hands with OnSpot Social open they can easily give you their e-mail address. I mean, collecting leads (via e-mail contact information) is the reason you rented the booth in the first place, isn’t it? Now your booth visitors don’t have to take the time to write their e-mail address into the little area on your contact card and you don’t have to take time deciphering their awful handwriting at 8pm at night when transferring their e-mail address to your corporate e-mail list. All of this now takes place within OnSpot Social.


Restaurants and coffee shops may be some of the biggest beneficiaries of OnSpot Social. Restaurants and coffee shops have a TON of traffic coming through their doors on a daily basis (the most successful ones do anyway). It’s time to capitalize on this foot traffic by obtaining their e-mail address or enticing them to connect with you on social media. It’s probably a safe bet that a large number of your customers are repeat customers. Your coffee shop is on their way to work or your restaurant is located just down the street from their office. With that said, there are probably also a LARGE number of customers who are “one-and-doners”. They visit your restaurant once, but don’t come back. Imagine if you had a way to stay connected to these folks after their first visit to your coffee shop. You can now engage them on social media and market to them in order to turn them into repeat customers OR you can find out why they stopped coming. If you find out why they were “one-and-doners” then you can begin to change things about your business to entice those types of customers to become repeat customers.¬† OnSpot Social makes this possible for Restaurants and coffee shops.

Live Entertainment

Who doesn’t love live entertainment? It’s always a fun time going to concerts, comedy shows, speeches, book tours, etc. Most of the time when consumers head off to live entertainment events they are going to see a person or group of people that they enjoy. It’s probably likely that these fans would want to be connected to their performers on Facebook, Twitter, or even via e-mail. OnSpot Social can help bands, comedians, famous speakers, authors, and many others collect social media connections and e-mail addresses from their fans during live shows and appearances.

Sporting Events

Are you a sports fan? Wouldn’t you love to be more closely connected to your favorite team or even your favorite players? Twitter is HUGE right now with professional athletes. Twitter gives fans a way to talk directly to their favorite sports players. Fans can also get updates and news from their favorite teams on Facebook and Twitter. The key is that they have to be connected with one another in order for this new communication channel between sports teams/players and fans to be possible. OnSpot Social can run on iPads and be placed around sports arenas in team designed iPad kiosks. Owners of sports teams would be wise to use OnSpot Social to grow their social media following and e-mail databases, as the more fans that connect directly with the team or players, the quicker merchandise and tickets will sell.

Charity Events

Do you often run or sponsor charity events? Charity events are a great way to grow your social media following and e-mail list. The trouble is, unless you have a bulky laptop with WIFI setup or a physical piece of paper to collect e-mail addresses, there has been no effective method to connect with the large group of consumers who often frequent charity events. OnSpot Social on the iPad now solves this dilemma for charities and charity event sponsors. The next time your charity runs an event or your company sponsors a charity event, be sure to have an iPad setup with OnSpot Social at a booth or kiosk.

Political Events

Ah, politics. Politicians are great, aren’t they? They assemble large groups of people and then read to them from a teleprompter. We won’t get into a political debate. What we do want to emphasize is the increased use of online tools like social media and e-mail by politicians to reach their¬† supporters. President Obama is known as the first president to truly embrace social media during his campaign for, and term as, President of the United States. Imagine if their was a good way for politicians to gain social media followers and collect email addresses from supporters at live political rallies? Now there is. OnSpot Social can be setup at political rallies as a way to allow politicians to connect with their supporters.


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Colleges have been using e-mail for a while, and are now starting to use social media to communicate with current and former students. Colleges can setup iPads with OnSpot Social around campus as a way to attract students to connect with the university on social media. OnSpot Social can also be used at alumni events to connect with alumni or during campus tours to connect with potential students.

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