Using a Guestbook App for Your Business

Guestbooks have been used by businesses for many years as a way to connect with customers and obtain contact information for future events and promotions.  Today, businesses such as popular retail stores, 5 star hotels and even small family-owned B & B’s are turning to iPad guestbook apps to help them gather information and enhance the customer’s “in-biz” experience.

Acquiring email addresses and a social media following is a crucial part of any marketing plan.  With much of the population using computers on a daily basis, an email marketing plan is of the utmost importance.  Using a guest book app in your store makes collecting email addresses a snap and offers enticing features with which the traditional paper and pen guestbook just can’t compete.

Why Use A Tablet Guestbook App?

A guestbook app helps you increase the number of email addresses collected for your newsletter or subscriber list because it’s more appealing to use than a traditional, hand-written book.  An app, displayed on an iPad, in your business grabs attention- people are drawn to tablets/digital screens.

Save Time –  Employers save time (And, time is money!)  & improve accuracy as the need to transcribe information into a database / system is eliminated.

Reduce Error – Data entry errors from incorrectly transcribed email addresses are a thing of the past (no more trying to make sense of chicken scratch!).

Keep It Relevant – A business can update/change the appearance of the guestbook app anytime and even change backgrounds to reflect different seasons, event promotions, sales, current events, etc.

Available Apps

One of the best data collection interfaces on the market today is the OnSpot Social app.  OnSpot Social is versatile and portable and allows companies to customize the background with a logo or other image and change it at will.  The app integrates with email marketing systems (AWeber, Constant Contact, Mail Chimp), works in off-line mode when no internet connection is available and allows businesses to ask the customer up to 100 custom questions, all in one sequence.  Also, the OnSpot Social app offers an animated digital signage option and is extremely cost effective.

If your business uses a guestbook…or plans too…consider boosting your marketing plan by using a digital guestbook app.   This is, after all, the iPad generation.

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