Retailers Capture Social Media Connections In-Store with OnSpot Social

Do you own a retail business? If so, have you made the leap into using social media and e-mail marketing in order to sell more of your products and services to customers? Tools like Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail can help retail businesses get their message out to their target audience for very little cost. These tools allows retail businesses to build strong relationships with their customers, which helps retain customers and encourages future purchases.

Facebook and Twitter can be used for things like customer service as well. Having an e-mail newsletter allows retail businesses to keep customers updated on all of the latest information about your business, your products, your services, and even any events and sales that you might be running. Overall, tools like Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail really help retail businesses grow their sales. The key to all of this however is actually getting the right people to connect with your business on Facebook, Twitter, and provide you with their e-mail address. Solve that issue and you’re golden! 😉

As it turns out, we think we have solved the issue getting more Facebook Likes, attracting more Twitter followers, and collecting customer e-mail addresses…

OnSpot Social is an iPad application for your retail store. OnSpot Social allows anyone who walks through your door to Like your business on Facebook, follow your business on Twitter, and provide you with their e-mail address. You cannot get any higher quality followers than the people who actually visit your retail store. Before OnSpot Social there was no other cost-effective way to consistently get a lot of new social media connections and customer e-mail addresses. There are some online tactics, like running contests or launching viral marketing campaigns that can really help retail businesses build a strong online community, but OnSpot Social does it day-in and day-out right there in your store.

Setup an iPad Kiosk in Your Store

Picture this… A customer walks through your door and begins to look around your store. Along a highly traveled path you place an iPad kiosk with a bright shiny iPad attached to the top. The OnSpot Social app is running and the Kiosk Display screen is on with a Special Offer message Displays: Save 10% on Your Purchase if you Like our business on Facebook or follow our business on Twitter.

The customer was on the fence about making a purchase, but the 10% discount puts her over the top. She taps the Facebook logo on the screen, enters in her Facebook login information, and Likes your Facebook page. A chime sounds right within OnSpot Social so your cashier knows that the customer successfully connected to your retail store on Facebook. The customer takes the product up to the counter to collect her 10% discount and make her purchase.

Look at that… By using OnSpot Social you made a sale that you may not have made without running another discount promotion. You collected a Facebook Like for your Facebook Business Page. You have created a new marketing channel for getting information to this customer, which will increase the potential for future sales. Pretty powerful stuff, huh?

From clothing chains to mom-and-pop convenience stores, retail business owners can use OnSpot Social in their store to collect social media connections and e-mail addresses from customers who visit your retail store. Clothing Boutiques, Shoe Stores, Laundry Mat, Deli, Tailor, Pharmacies, Grocery Stores, Jewelry Stores, and the list goes on, can all use OnSpot Social to capture Facebook Likes, Twitter followers, and/or customer e-mail addresses.

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What once took many months of hard work online to build a social media following and e-mail marketing list will now take days and weeks. The stream of new followers will never stop either, as long as new customers continue to come into your store, AND more consumers start signing up for Facebook and Twitter. The social media trend is real. It’s here. It’s time to really start leveraging these great marketing channels for your business. OnSpot Social can help you build your very own online community full of customers and potential customers. Try OnSpot Social for free before purchasing a subscription and start collecting more Facebook Likes, Twitter followers, and customer e-mail addresses for your business.

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