How to Gain Real Followers to Your Brand Anywhere

Is it possible to gain real followers to your brand anywhere?  Marketing has taken different directions over the years and as a brand you need to find new ways of staying relevant in your industry. Using social media lists is one constructive means to achieve a loyal following and the ability to do this whilst mobile raises the game even more.

Creating brand awareness is not only for small businesses; even established businesses need to gain new followers to be able to achieve their business goals.


How to Gain Real Followers to Your Brand Anywhere - OnSpot Social
How to Gain Real Followers to Your Brand Anywhere – OnSpot Social


We have discussed several ways to gain real followers to your brand anywhere.  Continue reading…

1.   Use social media

Social media list building is one effective way to increase your brand awareness. The fact is that your audience hangs out in different platforms some few hours each day. To be able to increase you’re your brand visibility on social media, you have to be aware of what the needs of your customers and target audience are.

The market’s leading lead capturing app OnSpot Social works efficiently in remote areas where wifi connect is a luxury!. It lets you add followers to your Instagram and other social media platforms and sends your invitations instantly through texts and emails. The app also allows you to turn your event visitors into social media followers by letting them your social media QR code using the application installed on their smartphones.

  • OnSpot automatically sends out an email or text containing your social media link to your leads immediately they sign up.

2.   Digital contest and giveaways

There is no doubt that your audience will love giveaways from you occasionally. As a business, you have to use this fact to your advantage. OnSpot Social boosts digital contests to help you run contests and give tokens to each person who signs up for your email or social media list. This is undoubtedly one of the easiest and interesting ways to gain social media followers.

3.   Make your content sharable

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This might seem like an obvious thing to do but the truth of the matter is most businesses are not making it easier for their audience to share their content with their families, social media followers or friends. Let’s be real, your website visitors are not going to make a hussle on finding ways to share your content.  It is therefore important that that you include social media links on your blog.

4.   Engage with your followers

It is so annoying to send a message and get no response hours or days down the line!. Social media should be social, just like the name itself. It is not of use to build social media pages if you are going to miss out on the action when it comes to interacting with your followers and customers.

Ensure that you respond to comments and ask questions asked about your services and products. You can bet your followers will be offended if you are not living up to being social on social platforms and the results are poor brand visibility, decreased return on investments and most likely business collapse.

5.   Influential marketing

Influential marketing is no brainer at all. All you have to do is identify top industry influencers and follow them, share their content with your followers across all your social media platforms.  Chances of many following back and sharing your content are high. This way, you will have gained followers that you can ask to opt into your email for nurturing purposes.

6.   Customer testimonials

Customer testimonials are also a great way to build your brand visibility with time.  For example, Instagram groups and facebook pages make it easy for you to share how your brand has changed many people’s lives to a larger audience.

Customer testimonials not only help you increase brand awareness, they also help you gain trust from followers and drive sales effortlessly. Additionally, they are free ads for your business! To get started, gather all the positive comments that your brand has gained from all social media platforms and display them on your blog and your social media feed.

7.   Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization simply means that you know what people in your industry are looking for. There are several tools to help you with metrics on that, no need to get yourself worried about that.

SEO goes beyond implementing proper keyword research on your website and blog. There are other important aspects of your website such as page loading time that should be taken care of.

Understand that your efforts to rank high on search engines such as google, bing or yahoo have a direct impact on the amount of traffic your website gets.

8.   Get into partnership

As a business owner, you have to be open to doing business with other people in your industry. There is so much good than bad that can come out of a relevant partnership. To get yourself started, approach influential people or businesses in your locality and invite them for business meet up.

Authority businesses in your locality can help you scale your sales significantly because of the trust that they have built with their audience over the years. Using this fact to your advantage will see you expose your products and services to a larger new audience that is likely to buy from you.

9.   Make use of social communities

Social communities such as Reddit and Quora have huge followings.   Becoming a member of such social communities is the number one step towards building your brand visibility. Social communities are simply groups of businesses and people that share the same interests.

Get Instagram followers by sharing content that is of value to these groups. Do not annoyingly promote your business, all you got to do is make sense to those that you engage with, they will in return follow you, what an easy way to gain real Instagram followers and on other social media platforms.

10.  Get feedback and work on it

Measuring your marketing efforts is as relevant and important as marketing itself! An app such as OnSpot Social lets you gain feedback from your audience seamlessly. The app even makes it easier for you to address negative feedbacks in events thanks to its ability to submit such data in real-time via email notifications. This makes it simple for you to jump right into action on time. Remember,  your business thrives on every single customer who buys from you, so losing one is not an option in any way.


Any business that wants to achieve its goals must always be on the lookout on how to increase its real followers. After all, all businesses thrive on numbers to make sales. Fortunately, the digital era makes it easier for you to gain followers without burning your brains out! Apps such as OnSpot Social boost several functions that make lead capturing and nurturing easy.

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