Building Your Social Media Network to Improve Your SEO

Social media is now more important than ever for any business. When we look at the core of SEO, there are three main elements to consider: popularity, relevance and authority. Without a doubt, social media can be the fastest way to increase the popularity aspect of SEO. This is due to the fact that social media is able to drive several links directly to your website very quickly.

By properly using social media, you can help assure that your site will continually move towards the top of the search rankings. You will first want to focus on your popular audience. This includes the number of Twitter re-tweets and Facebook reposts that you receive for the content that you share. Search engines pay attention to these numbers in order to determine how popular that shared content is online. As your online network shares more of your content, the more important your content will be perceived by the search engines.

Although a high following is important to have on both Twitter and Facebook, it is more important to have a strong and relevant following community. Search engines prefer content that is both authoritative by the author and the author’s followers. If the goal of your business is to have your content perceived by the search engines as being relevant to SEO, you will need to share content that relates to SEO. If then, your followers on Twitter and Facebook are known for SEO, share your content on their profiles, you can expect to gain greater relevancy, therefore, improving your business’ overall SEO.

Build Your Social Network At Events and In-store

As a business owner, you will likely want to be continuously looking for ways in which you can expand your online community (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Email subscribers, etc.). Of course, you will also likely want to expand your online community in the simplest and most efficient way possible. When it comes to obtaining more “Likes” on Facebook, followers on Twitter and collecting more customer e-mail addresses for your newsletter, one of the best tools your business can use today is known as OnSpot Social.

Designed for the iPad, OnSpot Social is an In-Store Marketing tool that allows any business owner or individual that uses social media marketing and email marketing to communicate with an audience in order to expand their social media network and subscribers. Whether you are attending a trade show, conference or any other location in which you will be interacting with customers, this new application may prove to be very useful in improving a business’s SEO. This application makes it simple to convert in-store shoppers into online connections.

Throughout the years, advancements in technology have proven to be a great help to businesses, but a majority of these businesses are not applying these advancements in order to improve their online presence. Today, we will often see businesses spend a great deal of money (usually more than necessary) in order to attract customers (i.e. “Swag”); however, once a business attracts a customer’s attention in this way, how does that business further connect with a customer in order to gain their contact information? By using an iPad as well as a simple contact information collection tool, your business will easily gain more email addresses compared to the traditional method of pen and paper. By collecting more e-mail addresses, your business will get the head-start that is needed in order to continue building and expanding your social network.