How Do You Get Customer Engagement?

We all know that customer engagement is a vital metric for any business and the tricky measure is always customer loyalty. To attain optimum customer engagement you will have to think of ways improving your customer experience by adding value to what you offer. As a business, you need to stand out from the crowd by focusing on service quality and improved customer experience.

Research has shown that customers pledge their loyalty to businesses whose value align with their needs and interests. There are several ways in which you can give your customers a reason to bond with your brand at all levels. There is no doubt that events always provide a good chance to increase your client engagement and generate new leads for future nurturing.

We live in a digital era and there is always an app to get things done effortlessly. This article will explain how you get customer engagement at any type of an event and why on spot social app is your best bet for the job.


customer engagement at a live event - OnSpot Social
customer engagement at a live event – OnSpot Social


How do you get customer involvement?

There are endless ways to engage your customers during events. We have discussed the best methods of improving your customer involvement during events so as to help you achieve your business goals in no time.

1.      Contests and rewards

We all love to test our luck in one way or another. Contests are one simple way of quenching the desire. OnSpot Social app boosts a contest feature so as to enable you to offer prizes to your customers and prospects so that you improve your event attendees’ experience.  As a business, you will want to offer prizes that are relevant to the products and services that you offer. Some of the prizes you can offer include:

  • Free ticket to the next event
  • Free access to certain services for some months.

By running contests, the app encourages email address sign up.  This is one simple way of not only engaging your customers but also generating leads for nurturing purposes.

  2. Make use of social media

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People are looking for something different. For this reason, you have to think of what makes your brand different from the competition. You will then need to capitalize on those factors so as to increase customer engagement and loyalty.

In this digital era, social media is one of the best event marketing tools at your disposal. You can use it to create anticipation of the upcoming events thus keeping your audience super engaged. The OnSpot Social app lets you integrate your social media profiles so that you are able to create as much event and brand awareness as possible.

  • Social media helps you draw in new customers and improve your engagement seamlessly.

Social media is one way of humanizing your brand; you need to provide content that adds value by meeting your customer needs and interests. Social media simply lets you reach your customers at their comfort. The OnSpot Social app then converts leads generated through social media campaigns into customers by sending text messages and coupons or links with sales materials.

3.  Welcome  customer feedback

It is simple to cultivate an original emotional attachment to your brand. Even though, it is important to note that your customer involvement strategy should be friction-free and allow the customers to express how they feel towards the products and services that you offer.

OnSpot Social boosts a survey and review feature to help you collect critical customer feedback in your events. The app lets you conduct unlimited customer surveys and obtain product reviews so as to better your services in the long run and retain your customers. As if not enough, the app lets you add Net promoter score screens to your mobile surveys to collect customer responses on a 0-10 scale.

  • OnSpot Social helps you deal with negative feedback in no time by letting you send a team member to the negative feedback customer through a real-time email notification upon submission. By doing this you are able to address issues as soon as possible and increase customer satisfaction.

The makes it possible for you to review customer feedback from your control so that you make timely business decisions. Make use of the app’s emoticons 5 –star rating to let users quickly identify their level of satisfaction as part of the feedback you collect at the events.

4. Create a statement for your brand

An event simply puts brands and customers under the same roof. As a business, this is probably your best chance to make a shoot. One way of creating a name for your brand is by handing out promotional products. Who doesn’t love free stuff?

A customized exhibit also makes your brand stand out from the competition. OnSpot Social lets you transform your iPad into a kiosk-style so that you are able to wow your customers with a fully immersed 3D experience.  It is not likely that your customers will forget your name after creating such beautiful experiences.


Developing customer engagement ideas for your next event - OnSpot Social
Developing customer engagement ideas for your next event – OnSpot Social


 After the event follow-ups

What next after an event? There are several ways to engage your customers even after the event is over. Use different platforms such as social media, texts and emails to let your customers know that you appreciate their attendance and that they can contact you anytime. You will need to do this as soon as possible while your brand is still fresh in their minds.

Keep part of your audience that didn’t attend the event engaged too. You can do this by sending them videos and photographs. Make a point of reaching out and offering ways in which they can engage with your business, it is not ok to make this group feel like they missed out on a special event.

Final thoughts

OnSpot Social app simply makes it easier for you to engage with your customers at events. The application will automatically capture emails,  responses and more. No matter what type of business you ran, you can benefit from on this app thanks to its real-time reporting. Whatever the customer engagement strategies you use, be consistent-  give a thought about the brand message you send out there. Give your customers a consistent and exceptional experience and they shall reward you with loyalty and trust.

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