10 Successful Ways to Build Up Your Email List Using Social Media

There are several social media apps to help you grow your email list tremendously. With the help of apps such as OnSpot Social, social media list building is now a walk in the park. Even though, the most business remains in the dark on how to build an email list from social media.


Successful Ways to Build Up Your Email List Using Social Media - OnSpot Social
Successful Ways to Build Up Your Email List Using Social Media – OnSpot Social

Read this article until the end to learn about the 10 most successful ways to build your email list using social media:

1. Lead generating Instagram stories

Instagram might be new to the marketing game but this platform is full of possibilities. Instagram lets you create a short promotional video, a promotional slogan and many more. Instagram simply lets you exercise your creativity. Whatever method you choose to use on Instagram, remember to create a strong call to action to help you generate email subscribers.

2. Include a call to action to your social media profiles

This is one of the most effective yet simplest ways to grow your email list.  All social media platforms let you create a landing page where you offer a freebie in exchange with an email address.  Giving your new subscribers valuable for free is also a good way to begin the nurturing process.  It is, therefore, important that you include a call to action to all your social media profiles so that as you grow your followers, you grow your email list too.

3. Create a lead generating ad

Spending a little money on advertising is a sure way to grow your email list fast. For example, Facebook ads allow you to target your desired audience with the right message thus increasing chances of growing your list significantly.

For an ad to work, you will have to constantly optimize it and its image to be able to convert email leads. Most lead generating campaigns will require you to offer an incentive in exchange for an email address.

4. Gated content

Gated content is hidden content that is only available to the visitor once they subscribe to the email list.  For this to work effectively, you need social media to channel traffic to your website. Once the visitors are on your website, create a barrier by asking for their email before they can access your content.

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Gated content can be easily promoted on social media since it does not look like the native lead magnet ads that everyone is used to. Amazingly, this type of content can be marketed across all social media platforms including WhatsApp social media where most of your audience could be hanging most of the time.

5. Make use of QR codes

QR codes are simply patterns like square barcodes that can be scanned using a smartphone and automatically pull up a web page.  OnSpot Social app boosts QR code feature that lets your customers use their  QR code mobile apps on their phones to scan the code to your facebook page. The app then provides a second option for  your customers to email themselves a link to  your brand’s  business Facebook page

6. Host a contest

Use of contests and giveaways is still an effective way of growing your email list using social media. OnSpot Social app offers a signup form as a type of entry for all participants.  For you to effectively host a contest for building your email list, you will need to think of a powerful message that will attract as many participants as possible.

Foremost, you need to come up with a unique hashtag for the contest. This will make it simple for you to market your offer. You may need an image of the giveaway. The next step is to announce the contest on your social media platform to build anticipation. Link the offer to a landing page that prompts them to sign in with their email addresses.

The winner prize that you decide to give away is also paramount. It helps you award your genuine followers that are likely to form loyal subscribers.

The best way to know which content gives you best results is to run content at least each month.

7. Include social buttons to your emails

Sending out the content of value to your subscribers is one way of engaging them.  One thing you have to know is that your subscribers are a powerful promotion tool for your content and that they can help you build your email list too.

Having your subscribers share your content on social media leads to an increase in your followers. You will then encourage the followers to subscribe to your email for more content.

It is, therefore, important to make it easy for your followers to share with friends and family so that they can help you build your email list.

8. Storytelling

We can’t deny the fact that there is so much content out on social media leading to content overload.  As a business, you have to constantly think of ways to cut through the noise, that is where storytelling comes in.  The brand story has to be authentic, inspiring and informing.  Remember that your story should focus on the resolution to bring about a happy ending.

One way to easily story tell is to let your customers do it for you. Remember most consumers will trust a word of mouth from as the key influencer in their purchasing. For this reason, make sure you showcase real testimonials about how the brand has changed various customer lives.

OnSpot Social is a powerful app that lets you send out your brand story at events, on social media, retails or to a given contact list. The app lets you effortlessly upload the story that you want to share and by clicking the send button you will have shared your story across several media platforms within no time. You might then want to ask your audience to opt into your email for more of such stories in the future.

9. Make use of YouTube

YouTube tutorials are not any new to any social media user. Making your own tutorials is another simple way to grow your email list. Youtube is the second largest search engine. It is, therefore, important for you to understand that you stand a good chance of building your list fast if you use the platform well.

Create a video that targets specific keywords on the topic you would like to discuss. Write about 200 words in the description box below after you upload the video. Create a strong call to action that will make your viewers want to be included in your email list. Adding a call to action card is the simplest and most effective way to add a call to action on your YouTube videos.

10. Host a webinar

Live streaming videos are also a good way to build your email list using social media. For starters, you can use free platforms such as Google Hangouts.

A webinar is sort of an online seminar where your listeners are welcome to ask questions related to what you choose to discuss. Use webinars to collect email addresses of those who sign in to participate.

Final words

A proper social media marketing strategy can effortlessly take your business to new heights.   The key point is to keep on finding new ways of growing your social media following. One thing that separates serious businesses from the rest is the ability to convert social media subscribers into email leads. With excellent apps such as OnSpot Social, things are looking up for most businesses that would want to use social media to build their email list.

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  1. Great tips! While there are various ways we can build our email list using social media, there is one important thing that we should always keep in mind. We need to be very authentic and real to our target audience. We need to provide a solution that doesn’t read like an advertisement so that they will more likely to click and read what it said.Keep posting!

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