Develop Winning Lead Generation Techniques That Work

Use of mobile data collection software is no longer a choice in this digital era. Several data collection techniques can help you generate leads in no time. However, real lead generation starts with a well- laid out strategy. We have discussed some of the best data collection methods that you can ride on to improve your business returns in the long run.


Lead generation techniques that deliver great results with the OnSpot Social App
Lead generation techniques that deliver great results with the OnSpot Social App


We have also highlighted how you can make use of the leading mobile phone data collection software OnSpot Social to effortlessly obtain leads for nurturing.

1. Use social media

As a business, you can not afford to ignore the power of social media when it comes to lead generation and nurturing. Social media has been termed as the best back to back lead generation technique that works for both small and established businesses.

Social media platforms such as facebook boost several features to help you obtain clients and leads without much sweat.  To optimize the opportunities that social media throws at you, you need to find out where most of your audience hang out so that you can develop a targeting plan.

OnSpot Social app makes it possible for you to convert your event attendees into your social media followers for nurturing purposes. The app works fine offline thus enabling you to collect leads from anywhere effortlessly. Amazingly the app even displays your Instagram feed as digital signage.

What is more interesting is that most social media platforms such as facebook, linked offer a one-click email submission. This allows users to give their information at a click thus giving you as a business an effortlessly way to collect leads without breaking your back

2. Email marketing

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Email marketing is another powerful tool that you can use to engage your customers and attract new ones. It is a proven method of building your brand loyalty and converting customers effortlessly, In fact, research has shown that most companies use this technique to generate about 85 per cent of their leads.

OnSpot Social boosts multiple email templates to enable you to create a perfect call to action for each audience.  Furthermore, lets you segment your email list so that you can reach the right audience with the right content. As if not enough, the app gives you the ability to schedule your emails on time and makes it possible for you to send automated emails depending on your audiences’ preferences.

Email marketing gives you a perfect chance to showcase the value of your products and services to your subscribers and gives you a perfect platform to get feedback from customers so that you can develop new products or services that will solve their problems.

Marketing automation helps you score your leads accurately so that you can know which customers are likely to buy from you and when the purchase is likely to occur. This helps you create content that is relevant to help makes sales in time.

3. Optimize your website for lead generation

A business website is a modern business card.  Fortunately enough, this lead generation technique is simple to set up and goes a long way in showcasing what your business is made of. Unfortunately, optimizing the business website is often overlooked. Website optimization simply involves working on how to attract new prospects attention when they land on your website.

There are several ways to attract prospects’ attention. The obvious is using an offer or an incentive that they are not likely to resist.  The offer is often given in exchange for their contact information. Another simple way to generate leads through your website is by creating a powerful call to action. A call to action (CTA) is a phrase that encourages your readers or website visitors to take immediate action. CTAs can be used to ask visitors to grab a free download, share content on social media or subscribe to your email list.

Adding a live chat button on your website is also a powerful technique of obtaining leads. A live chat feature makes you access all the time thus creating interest from new visitors and encouraging repeat sales. It also saves your customers’ time since they do not need to email you and wait upon a reply on products and services you offer on your website. A simple live chat button on your website can, therefore, go along way towards increasing your customer engagement and increasing your return on investments tremendously.


The Best data collection methods come from lead generation software specific to the task - OnSpot Social
The Best data collection methods come from lead generation software specific to the task – OnSpot Social


4. Host events

Before digital marketing wave, leads would gather at events and trade shows. As old fashioned as it may seem now, the truth remains that hosting events is still an effective technique of collecting leads. One interesting thing about event hosting is that you will get to meet in person with your prospects thus increasing your customer engagement which is vital for brand visibility.

OnSpot Social app boosts multiple customizable event forms that can be accessed from multiple devices such as a tablet, iPad or smart mobile phones.

The iPad easily converts into an iPad kiosk at trade shows so that you can attract traffic to your booth. You can then take the opportunity of the large audience to share information about your products and services. OnSpot Social app lets you collect emails and any necessary contact information directly from your audience and as earlier told, the app does not need internet access to make all that possible.

5. Obtain reviews

Most prospects will read online reviews before they think of buying a product or a service. For this reason, it is vital to include customer reviews on your social media pages or add testimonial sections on your business website.

The main reason as to why reviews are vital is that they build trust within a short while thus leading to increased sales almost effortlessly.  OnSpot Social app lets you collect feedback in real-time thanks to its survey feature. Feedback whether good or bad has its place in your business. It is therefore important to obtain feedback at every single chance you get.

Identify key customers and encourage them to talk about their experiences with your business so that you can build trust with your prospects.

Our last words of lead generation

It is impossible to make sales without continuously generating new leads and engaging the old ones. Developing a lead generation technique that works will ensure that you have a constant stream of leads that are ready to be nurtured and converted into customers. It all starts with setting up clear business goals and targets of what you aim to achieve within your stipulated period.

Lead generation apps such as OnSpot boost several features to make your work easier, get started right away and see your business soar great heights you never imagined.

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