How to Improve Your Lead Generation In 2019

Lead generation is one of the most challenging aspects of running any business. Can a business challenge itself into generating leads effortlessly?  Fortunately for you, this article will help you improve your lead generation marketing strategies in 2019 so as to stay ahead of your competition.

Understanding lead generation

It is impossible to generate leads without having an idea of who your true leads are! You always stand a chance of developing a successful lead generation strategy when you fully understand the components of your prospects.

How can you reach your leads?

Find out which channels to use so as to effectively communicate with your leads. Also, have an understanding of the types of websites they frequently visit. This type of information when collected will help you set up lead generation marketing campaigns along the same lines.

What should you do with the leads?

Your leads are most likely not ready to make a purchase immediately. Even though, it is all a good start. Leads should be nurtured so that they build trust. Nurturing the lead includes guiding them through various aspects of your products and services so as to clear doubts and initiate a relationship. Having an effective way to nurture your leads is a sure way of making more sales effortlessly.

How do you track your lead generation process?

The best way to track a lead generation process is by use of excellent customer management software. An effective tool will help you keep track of all the leads based on your aims.   The tools also stores leads’ contact information and behavioural data which is essential in determining how to qualify them.

Improve Lead generation in 2019

Here are some tips to help you increase your leads in 2019:

1.   Make it automatic

Automation is one of the most common and effective artificial intelligence lead generation strategies in 2019. From Chatbots to auto texts lead generation has become easier as days go by.

Chatbots, for example, enables your business to provide services to your customers all day long. This aspect makes it easier for them to contact you at any particular time of the day. Chatbots are able to take orders thus converting leads into clients in real time.

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Tasks such as customer care services can be easily automated. All you need to do is look into an excellent chatbot builder. Most businesses are also using chatbots to process their data into useful information. With a smart app such as OnSpot Social, businesses can now collect feedback from customers during events and conferences. This is information can be used to create new products or services or improve the existing ones.

OnSpot Social is one of the best lead generation software that automatically triggers emails and text messages from your iPad to your customers’ smartphones. Additionally, the app sends mobile coupons and supports push messages. All these features enable you to stay ahead of your competition in terms of retargeting your customers and generating leads.

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2. Try video marketing

Let us be real, most internet users spend time watching videos than reading. For this reason, any business that aims at succeeding must use this strategy to capture leads.  Fortunately for you, OnSpot Social gives you an advantage over your competition. The app enables you to display a branded digital signage in your business so as to capture your customer attention.  With the use, if an Ipad you will be able to show digital video ads that are appealing to the eyes and even show branded product review videos.

3. Think social media

Social media is an excellent back to back lead generation strategy not only for start-ups but also for thriving businesses. This strategy is often overlooked and not given the seriousness it deserves. Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms has different businesses to obtain clients effortlessly.

LinkedIn is another social media platform that is growing very fast. In fact, this business media platform helps generate about 75 per cent of social media leads.

Social media is a great boost to your business, it is a high time you advertise your business on social media. Understand that, for example, has more than one billion active users, to turn a good number of these active users into leads, start by finding out where your audience spends most of their time.

OnSpot Social helps you convert your real-world customers into social media followers so as to keep them close for updates on product launches and events. The app enables you to collect social media signups with the help of your iPad. It also makes peer-to-peer counselling easy. As if not enough, the app will display your Instagram feed as digital signage.

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4. Welcome reviews

Research shows that most customers will read online reviews about a product or service before they actually consider buying. Your business online pages should include testimonial sections to increase the chances of contact from new leads. Reviews and feedbacks help create customer trust and also help you scale high in local search rankings.

Good reviews also open more opportunities for your business such as a partnership. It is, therefore, important to make use of an app such as OnSpot Social to collect customer reviews and feedback during your events or even in your store.

5. Email marketing is your friend

Email marketing generates about 80 per cent of leads for several businesses across the digital world. Some email ads allow you to target your competitor’s customers. This method of email marketing may look a bit shady but the truth is, it is so effective when done well.

OnSpot Social app lets you send emails thus giving you a chance to show your competitors’ customers how different you are. Always give them an offer that your competitor never gives, also remembers to use a proper laid out email format.

Our final thoughts

Lead generation software is an essential tool in any business that aims at making more sales. The OnSpot Social app when combined with the above lead generation strategies, yields satisfactory results that your business truly deserves.

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