What Is Lead Generation Software In Real Estate?

What is lead generation software in real estate? Has your business embraced technology or are you still using traditional methods to capture your leads? The days of knocking on people’s door are long gone. While we have nothing against traditional lead generation methods, there are so many ways to generate leads in the digital era.

We have reviewed the best real estate lead generation software after considering pricing, Integration with other platforms, customer care services and much more that will make your work easier.


real estate software available on mobile devices - OnSpot Social
real estate software available on mobile devices – OnSpot Social


What is lead generation

Lead generation is simply a marketing term that describes the process of attracting new prospects into someone who is interested in your business services and products. As a business it doesn’t matter which way you choose to attract your leads, it is crucial that you shape your activities to each prospect so as to get them to buy from you at the end of the day.

  • Lead generation software will help capture several real estate leads for new agents effortlessly.

What is lead nurturing

Lead nurturing is the continued interaction with a prospect for a long period of time. The period of time is usually from the point of lead generation until the prospect buys from you.

  • Lead nurturing usually involves providing useful information to the prospect so that they are excellently educated on the products and services that you offer.

As a business, you have to know that a proper lead nurturing campaign is not possible without an excellent app. A lead nurturing software such as software will help you automate vital tasks so that you stay engaged with your clients even when your days are running busy.

Why OnSpot Social for real estate lead generation and nurturing?

As a real estate agent, you need a lead generation software that is both affordable and comprehensive.

  • The app lets you design the feel and the look so as to match your brand’s visual identity and set up surveys. It works perfectly well offline, you can capture leads anywhere and all your information shall be updated when the internet is available.

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OnSpot Social boosts an easy integration to any customer relationship management software. This simply means that you can organize your leads in a  manner that makes sense to your business and send automated texts and emails about your new products and services. Additionally, you may send content about various product and services upgrades.  OnSpot Social ensures that you stay engaged with your clients and customers so as to keep your business on the lead. As if not enough, OnSpot Social lets you dial your leads without leaving the app.

  • The OnSpot Social app comes with several tracking features and social media connection features such as Facebook and Twitter to allow your user to follow you on such platforms.


lead generation software in real estate for young couple acquiring first property - OnSpot Social
lead generation software in real estate for young couple acquiring first property – OnSpot Social


Features and benefits of the app

The app provides leads with updated news, home listings are updated on a daily basis so as to keep you and your clients’ current with the real estate market trends. The information provided by the app is relevant to the specifications of each prospect.

OnSpot Social lets you create your own surveys specific to your business so that you area bel to gather as much relevant information from clients and prospects. This helps you better your marketing strategies in the future thus better return on investment.

  • OnSpot also features large buttons with readable texts and fast swipes. At trade shows, all you need to do is create a kiosk-style experience so as to capture as many leads as possible. You may also choose to hand over the iPad to the attendees in small crowds.

OnSpot lets you customize your campaigns for the lead generation purposes with several screen types. Additionally, your branding will be automatically incorporated into the campaigns so that your logo and font style appears as you prefer.

Holding event contests is another simple yet effective way of capturing leads.  Simply make use of the apps contest feature to encourage leads to sign up in exchange for some small but irresistible prize.

Added benefits

One thing that you will love about this lead capturing app is its ability to capture leads simultaneously from any device. This allows you to easily manage your campaign access by use of the control panel website.   The app lets you access your data immediately from anywhere using the control panel website. You may also monitor the lead’s capture reports from the same dashboard

Use this app to convert your store visitors into leads as they take a look at your products instore.  With the app, you will now be able to add new leads to each time you hold a sales meeting. You will also find the app useful in lead generating during trade shows, conferences, and events.

  • The app offers several online tutorials, webinars, and social media posts to help new users catch up fast.

The OnSpot Social customer care is 24/7 to make sure that you do not experience any downtime for any reason. The support team has vast knowledge on different issues that might be affecting your real estate lead generation.


By actively capturing and tracking leads at every opportunity, you can largely maximize your return on investment and figure out what events are more valuable to your business.

The main objectives of a real estate lead generation software are to efficiently capture the vital information about buyers and sellers.  OnSpot Social real estate app is not only affordable but also user-friendly. The app is affordable than most real estate apps in the market and boasts an excellent customer care service. This is the lead generation app for you if you want a robust tool at a pocket-friendly price.

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