Best Data Collection App for iPad

Data collection is an important part of any business. The process gives you an insight into what needs to be done to scale your business to new heights. There are several data collection apps that can help you make the best out of your data entry process. The key to choosing the best data collection app for iPad is knowing what your business needs are.

Best Data entry apps in 2019

Businesses have collected data on paper and clipboards for years. Not anymore!  Technology is here and both small and established businesses are taking advantage of data entry apps. We have reviewed 6 best data collection apps for iPad so as to save you time and headache of having to go through several online reviews. Look at the best we got:

1. Fulcrum

Fulcrum is a reliable data entry app that allows you to instantly design custom mobile forms and conduct data collection on your iPad. The app lets you create a map for your own data; you can even consider uploading your own map or use the available ones from map box or mapquest. Additionally, it enables you to plot your custom forms on maps that already contain the data you are in need of; a great feature for remote data collection.

Fulcrum pulls all your data from your forms and exports it as a PDF  from your iPad so that you are able to share it.   You can also save the collected data in CSV format so that you able to use it in any of your spreadsheet apps because Fulcrum helps you build your integration with other apps by use of API. You will also love the fact that Fulcrum allows you to create an invoice template that your team members can use to generate PDF invoices by a simple act of filling in the fields.

This app offers you fast access to your data so that you are able to make timely conclusions and decisions. Fulcrum features video, photo, audio and barcode capturing so as to enhance your data collection. The app synchronizes your data to the cloud,  you can rest assured that your work is secured in case you lose your gadget.

2. Quick Tap survey

QuickTapSurvey is a popular mobile form software that is designed specifically to enable businesses to create and customize their survey easily.  It is also perfect for building forms with multiple choice questions.

The app is a good choice if you want to generate surveys and collect data offline on your iPad it is, therefore, a perfect data collection tool in remote areas where you might not have access to the internet.

QuickTapSurvey is perfect for capturing leads during events and shows. Besides that, it collects customer feedback, customer satisfaction, QR codes, signatures and photos. The app simply makes it for you to accomplish so much within a short time.

3. Repsly Mobile CRM

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Repsly Mobile CRM is a sure bet if you are in need of all-in-one mobile forms tool. This application will provide you with all that is necessary to conduct your data collection easily.

The app’s dashboard enables you to see what goes on with your team members at any given time, making it an ideal tool for controlling activities of your team individuals. This software makes data collection so effortless thanks to its customizable fields.

Repsly’s robust scheduling features ensure that you are able to properly manage your projects, tasks and outreach in real time. The app also features real-time location tracking and communication. Repsly also redesigns your data into beautiful sharable reports, the app works offline and therefore ideal for remote data collection.

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4. PushForms

PushForms is the quickest way to turn your typical hard copy paper forms into modern, beautiful forms that are easy to fill.  To get started, create an account with PushForms and email them a copy of your PDF forms. The app developers then redesign your forms into mobile forms that are smart looking and easy to fill anywhere.

This app makes it easy for your team too, they don’t need any authorization, all that they are needed to do is download the app and scan the QR code to be able to start sending data instantly. PushForms’s online editor features a spreadsheet interface that includes form fields, answer options and data types. You can pick as many ranges of fields depending on your needs.

5. Device Magic

Device Magic data entry app lets you create forms; send them to your team so that they do not have to type unless necessary. The developers understand that typing on your gadget is not only prone to mistakes but also slow. For this reason, Device Magic lets you create beautiful forms using its simple drag and drop form builder.

The app makes it possible to collect data without internet access using your iPad. Your team can also deliver real-time reports from the field to your business desk. The app can be easily integrated with other software; in fact, it has several built-in integrations and the setup process is straightforward and only needs the authentication process to be filled through.

Device Magic supports electronic signatures. Time clock, work order management, dispatching and many other features that make your work easier in the field. You can also use this app away from the field to customize forms such as work orders, inspection reports, human resource forms and many more.

The app makes it easier for you to add your work information. You can capture photos on Device Magic form, add annotations then send them out with the rest of the form data.  There is no need to capture the location because the app automatically tells the place where the form was filled out.

6. OnSpot Social

OnSpot Social is the industry-leading email and lead collection app for small and mid-size businesses. Able to increase engagement at trade shows, events, and retail locations with its easy to use dashboard and simple set up.

Collect email addresses and capture leads at any location and automatically transfer leads to your CRM or email marketing software effortlessly. You can also trigger emails and text messages from an iPad directly to your customers’ mobile phones.

As well as all this it can be used to display branded digital signage in your store or at events to capture customer attention.  You can also use OnSpot Social’s engagement feature set to engage leads from anywhere. Features like Scratch & Win and the Photobooth can be used as fun ways to engage prospects in order to encourage them to enter their contact information

Best Data Collection App for iPad

Unlike most other applications the real beauty of OnSpot Social is its flexibility to deliver a tailored solution to your needs.

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Finding the best data collecting software is not a choice when your business relies entirely on data. For your business to thrive as desired, you need a perfect app to ensure that you get actual information within the shortest time possible so as to help you create strategies to move your business to the next level.

Whilst each of these forms of software has their merit, OnSpot Social has worked tirelessly for years in developing their software to deliver the features and benefits listed with the above products for a fraction of the price of comparative products. Check us out and see how well we stack up against known competitors.

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