What Is the Best Realtor App for open houses?

A realtor app will make your work much easier, whether it is recollecting your marketing strategies or helping a prospect book a slot at an open house, the best realtor app results into a better experience for you and your clients.

We understand that it is not easy to pick the best real estate agent app. To help you get things started, we have reviewed the best realtor app in 2019 but first…


Open houses near me use the OnSpot Social app for Realtors
Open houses near me use the OnSpot Social app for Realtors


Do you really need a realtor app in 2019?

You might argue that a realtor app is not an integral part of your real estate business. However, one fact that you need to know is that the real estate industry invests a lot of money in software so as to make it easier for prospects and agents to do businesses. Here are a few reasons as to why you need a real estate app like yesterday:

1.      Acquire and nurture leads

It is an effort wasted when your leads don’t know how to contact you about the property you are selling. An excellent realtor app will include a contact us plugin that will help you keep your communication channels open at any particular time.   Check if the contact us button includes multiple communication channels such as text, email, Twitter or Instagram. The more the contact buttons the more leads you are likely to tap.

2.      Go paperless

As a business owner, you cannot overlook the power of communication. It is a vital aspect of keeping your business alive. For this reason, you need to keep each of your team members on the same page.  Making documents easier to find and sign digitally is the best way to achieve this. A digital document management feature in the realtor app will enable your clients and agents to communicate effortlessly. You will also find pride in staying organized, no more displacement of vital documents!

3.      Improve customer engagement

A realtor app will allow you to build relationships with your clients and prospects through scheduled emails and meetings.  The best realtor apps include features that allow you to manage your leads and send responses fast.  You will also get the advantage of integrating leads from any other source that you may have.

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Your business is likely to grow when you have your customers and prospects hooked to what you are offering.

4.      Get real-time estate data

As an agent, you definitely need an app that will help you improve how you target your clients.  The best realtor apps will make data analysis easy so that you are able to deliver it to your client as soon as possible. All the information including profit trends, neighbourhood overviews, and facilities nearby can be easily displayed on a realtor app thus offering your clients fast and accurate results on time.

5.      Improve your marketing strategy

As an agent, you probably know the difference between a good and a bad marketing campaign. It is worth noting that the digital world is growing every single day and you need a perfect app to help you send your messages out there at a perfect moment. Most realtor apps allow you to answer questions from your prospects in real-time. Besides, you are able to track the leads who visited your website and interact with them as they explore your properties.

6.      Keep your business organized

Let us be real, your work as a realtor can be overwhelming!  To achieve your business goals, each of your team members needs to be on top of their game. This will include learning new tactics and technology,  An excellent realtor app will help you as a manager manage your workload so that you are able to give your team members an ample time to pay attention to the clients. The apps will give you the advantage of allocating tasks to each of the team members effortlessly so that you all work jointly to achieve the business goals.


Best realtor app for finding that perfect property - OnSpot Social
Best realtor app for finding that perfect property – OnSpot Social


Why OnSpot Social and not any other realtor app?

The OnSpot Social app developers know that you need a realtor app that won’t fail you at any particular time. It is for this reason that they work day in day out to deliver robust features that will see your business soar greater heights.

OnSpot Social comes with several essential features that you may not able to find in other realtor apps. It is because of this that the app has built an excellent reputation for itself over its competitors.

  • OnSpot Social allows you to work remotely, even in areas where there is no internet connection making it the best realtor app out there especially for agents working in the fields. You will collect data and perform critical tasks from whichever part of the world you find yourself in.
  • The app features digital signage to help you attract as many buyers as possible while also allowing your potential buyers to take tours of the open houses real quick.
  • You can also use the app to generate leads so that you are able to nurture them for future buying. The app allows you to collect the prospects’ email address and other personal information that you may deem necessary. This way you are able to connect and contact them whenever there are open houses that they might consider buying.
  • As if not enough, on spot social lets you run social contests. The feature enables you to collect leads and easily pick a winner with a click of a button. You will then be able to send the winner a small token so as to close the loop.
  • The app’s auto text feature allows you to concentrate on other tasks of your business that can not be automated. The app also auto-emails the prospects of a property listing near them. Additionally, you can text your potential buyers the details of any property during viewing. Furthermore, make use of the in-app messages feature to share any listings to your potential buyers even when they are not logged into the app.

Your clients’ messages are also shown on the app so that you are able to follow conversations effortlessly.  OnSpot Social reminds you to send messages to your potential buyers hence making it easier for you to constantly remain in touch with your prospects. One spot features a custom keyboard that enables you to key in any details faster.


There is no doubt that you need a realtor app to keep your real estate business relevant.  OnSpot Social app is a giant realtor app that will help you stay ahead of the curve.  This app is one of the best investments you can make for your business.

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