Case Study: Survey App

Survey App Case Study with the OnSpot Social App
California-Travel-Tourism-Commission - OnSpot Social App

Industry: Tourism

Company Type: Government Agency

Company Location: Pasadena, California

About the Company: The California Office of Tourism is a department within the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development that supports the promotion of California as a global tourism destination and provides information services to visitors.

Marketing Challenge

The California Travel and Tourism Commission (CTTC) operates 16 rest areas along California highways. Each day thousands of visitors pass through their locations.

The CTTC needed to find a frictionless way to identify visitors and capture survey feedback about their trip.

Marketing Solution

The CTTC set up kiosks at each of their 16 locations across the state of California, each running a Premium subscription to OnSpot Social.

California tourists were able to use the survey app to share feedback about the rest area, as well as, their trip to California.

These valuable insights have allowed the CTTC to improve the customer experience at the rest areas, as well as, learn more about what tourists value most about California.

Marketing Results

In the first 18 months of using the OnSpot Social survey app, CTTC has successfully collected critical feedback survey results, as well as, thousands of new leads.

Of the data collected:

8,500+ new leads were collected

8,250+ surveys completed

Example Survey Rating Screen

Capture the voice of customer with the OnSpot Social survey app.

The Rating feature can be configured to collect 5-star ratings, 3 emoticons, 5 emoticons, or net promoter score.

Voice of customer collection app - OnSpot Social App

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