What's The Best Real Estate App For Generating Leads?

As a modern-day realtor, you will agree with me that real estate apps can no longer be ignored!  Any realtor will fall in love with the features boasted by the best real estate apps in the market today. In simple terms the apps let you focus on other important aspects of your job such as negotiating with clients to buy.


Use of digital marketing to generate leads via the OnSpot Social realtor app
Use of digital marketing to generate leads via the OnSpot Social realtor app


Why OnSpot Social for real estate lead generation?

There are several realtor apps in the market today. Even though,  you might not find it easy to pick one that best fits your business. We fully understand that realtors like you need an app that will help you stay focused on your business goals, generate leads and keep you organized.  Here is why we vouch for OnSpot Social as the best realtor app:

1.   Easy to set up and use

OnSpot Social understands that starting with a new tool can be quite hectic. It is for this reason that the app comes with a friendly interface that can be set up in just a few minutes.

The app features custom keyboards which let you type faster thus saving your precious time and gets so much done within a short while.

2.   Works offline

Working remotely and worried about internet availability? OnSpot Social makes it easy for you to work from anywhere; the app works just fine offline. This feature makes it the perfect app for realtors who work in the field as it allows for maximum data collection regardless of the internet strength.

3.   Run a Paperless business

Is your office home to several paper folders probably stuck up in shelves not forgetting the time spent tracing different agreement and sign-in forms? A realtor app such as OnSpot Social lets you go paperless thanks to it electronic signatures, open house signs in sheet, agreement forms-and interestingly regardless of your location and that of your client, business goes on usual, you will be able to close deals even when having dinner at a restaurant!

4.   Easy and enhanced lead capture

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The best lead generating apps makes it easy for you to attract and capture leads at all times. The app comes with a contact plugin that lets you keep your communication platforms available at all times.

Your prospects spend quite a good amount of their time on social media.  This is a fact that you cannot ignore. Whichever platform that your prospects hang out, OnSpot Social will help you reach out to them in a professional and non-intrusive manner.

OnSpot Social makes it so easy for you to collect emails and any other necessary contact information from your prospects.  As if not enough, through its auto texting feature OnSpot Social lets you send information about open houses effortlessly as scheduled through the app. additionally, you can use the auto text feature to send messages containing property details as they view the open houses.

The app tracks all your significant contacts through social media, calls, messages and categorizes it in easy to use clusters such as contacts, company and many more.

5.   Enhanced customer engagement

OnSpot Social lets you easily improve your customer engagement through regular scheduled emails and messages.  The app allows you to integrate leads from any other sources so that you can nurture your prospects easily.

OnSpot Social enables you to answer questions from your prospects in real-time and also lets you track your potential clients who visited your website so that you can interact with them for a fruitful business.

  • You will love the fact that OnSpot shows clients’ messages on the app to enable you to follow the conversations with a lot of ease

As if not enough, OnSpot Social reminds you to send follow up messages and emails to the prospects you have already had engagement with. This feature helps you remain in contact with your prospects at all times.


Use the best real estate client app - OnSpot Social App
Use the best real estate client app – OnSpot Social App


6.   Digital signage

To help you attract buyer effortlessly, OnSpot Social boost digital signage.  When paired with the pick- a -winner feature, the app lets you run a digital contest and enables you to pick a winner from your leads by a click of a button. The loop then closes once you send the winner a token.

7.   Real-time data

The world is changing in different ways each day and so is the real estate business. As a realtor, you need a real estate client app so that you can easily target your clients. OnSpot Social realtor app properly analyses available open house data making it possible for you to send it to your client as soon as possible.

The app displays vital information such as neighbourhood overview, social amenities nearby and other information that your clients will find essential. All this information is  displayed on the app on time so that your clients can make a buying decision in time thus increasing your return on investment

8.   Excellent customer care support

We can all agree that applications fail occasionally for a reason or another. Well, OnSpot Social app customer care support team is available all day long to offer solutions to your issues immediately they occur.

Our last words

Running a real estate business is not easy. The good news is that the realtor apps can help you accomplish so much within a short period and save you time for other crucial aspects of your business and life.

The reality of the matter is that the best realtor app will create an exceptional experience for your clients thus setting you apart from your competition. Imagine if an app that comes with an open house sign-in sheet, lead generation features, client management system, enhanced customer engagement channels- you will only become best at running your realtor business by creating a better experience for you and your clients.

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