Can I Send Automated Text Messages?

Wondering if sending an automated text messaging is of an essence? Most businesses in this digital era have discovered how effective text automation is. Research shows that people read at least 90 per cent of the text messages they receive. Sitting at your desk, drafting several messages to your customers will not work in your favor! Text automation is one sure way to ensure that your clients are fully engaged as you give attention to other areas of your business.


Woman replying to an automated text message - OnSpot Social App
Woman replying to an automated text message – OnSpot Social App

This article sheds light on how to use text automation and which app makes it all easier for you. Continue reading…

 How to make use of text automation

Here are several ways to take advantage of  text automation:

1. Scheduled text messages

Scheduled messages might not be new to most businesses. OnSpot Social makes scheduling a walk in the park. The app gives you the option of when you would want to send your messages. Amazingly, OnSpot Social lets you even specify the time zone you would want your scheduled messages to be sent in.

  • Scheduled messages let you sent reminders, such as event reminders or product restock alerts.

There are several ways in which you can send the texts. OnSpot Social offers several features that will let you text messages on automation. With this app, you won’t have to worry about the set -up, the processes are pretty simple and allows for customization to fit your needs.

2. Drip messages

Drip messages are auto texts that you can send to your audience at a specific time after they subscribe to your marketing program. All you have to do is use the drip messaging feature and just forget about it.

  • With the drip messaging feature, one is able to chain several drips so as to send a series of automated text messages as desired.

With the OnSpot Social SMS drip feature, you will be able to use a segment filter so that you are able to send automatic messages to your audience after minutes, hours or days after they join your program.

3. Repeated messages

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Repeated messages are scheduled messages that are sent at a given interval. The feature allows you to specify the time you would want to send the message and also choose whether you would want it to be repeated in the future.

OnSpot Social lets you pair the messages with any CRM software of your choice so that you are able to send the texts to specific people in your audience at your chosen time.

4. Abandoned Carts

There is so much revenue that is lost when your customers fail to complete their orders. In some cases, your audience gets distracted during the shopping process and end up leaving their carts unattended to for some time. By use of text message automation, you will be able to re-engage your customers back to complete their buying. OnSpot Social lets you send automated cart abandonment messages to your customers as soon as necessary. You may also include links in your texts so that you are able to bring them back in time.

As a business, a positive return on investment is everything that you bank on. For this reason, a cart recovery strategy is essential.

5. Birthday rewards and offers

One of the best ways to put a smile on your customer’s face is to send them a personal birthday reward. OnSpot Social lets you set your messages on the specific day or a couple of days earlier.

You may also ask your customers to reply back with their date of birth when they opt into your text messaging program.  With the best CRM for texting, all your information will be stored safely. The software is able to send your audience a personal birthday wishes text on their special day.


Man reading automated text message - OnSpot Social App
Man reading automated text message – OnSpot Social App

Why should you use OnSpot Social app to send automated text messages?

There are several reasons as to why automated texts are an important aspect of any business that aims at thriving.  Automation simply lets you focus on other important tasks that require your hands. We have listed some reasons as to why you need to get your text messages on automation:

1. Hands off messaging

Setting your texts on automation gives the freedom of doing other tasks that need much of your time. An auto text app such as OnSpot Social lets you stay engaged with your audience so that you are able to be productive elsewhere.

2. Easy to set up

You may not be able to guess how simple it is to set up your auto text features in OnSpot Social app until you experience it yourself.   The app is simple to use but powerful when it comes to optimizing your text messages campaigns.

3. Steady returns

OnSpot Social app messages your audience in a consistent and smart way thus consistent returns. Text messaging is one of marketing that requires serious consistency. For this reason, as a business, you need to provide value to your customers via auto texts so as to stay relevant in their mind.

4.  Valuable engagement

Your customers and prospects are looking for value in your messages. The sad reality is that some if not most will opt out sooner than later if they are not able to find value in what you offer. The OnSpot Social app comes with a segmentation tool that allows you to create value straight into your targeted audience inbox.

5.  Easy to manipulate features

There are several text automation apps out there. However, most do not offer the essential automated options that are vital to your campaigns. OnSpot Social app developers understand that you need to spend less time working with the app. For this reason, the app is made of a wide range of features that can all be automated on a single click.


Reading an automated text message - OnSpot Social App
Reading an automated text message – OnSpot Social App

6. Quality messaging

You may already be aware of several other ways of sending texts. Even though, you may agree with me that some of these methods are of low quality that may even leave your messages undelivered. OnSpot Social uses the most authentic channel to make sure that your messages reach your targeted audience effortlessly.

7. Reliable source

With OnSpot Social app, you won’t have to worry about your text messages getting lost in between. The app has an encrypted server that is safe and always up so that you do not have to worry about delays.

In Conclusion

As a business, you can not run away from text automation. Sending automated texts is extremely easy and with OnSpot Social, your work just got easier.  Automated text messages let you keep in touch with your audience effortlessly.

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