Best Data Capture Methods in 2019?

As a business, you may already be aware of some data capture methods that can help you capture data.  Even though, like most businesses, you may face a difficult time choosing a method that is likely to yield results.   To get out of such a fix, you need to understand that any data capture method should tremendously improve your workflow processes. This article has shed light on some factors to consider before using any data capture method and which app will help you have it easy although. Continue reading…


What is data capture and how do you choose the best data capture in 2019?

Data capture is the process of collecting information that is meant to be used for certain purposes. The information is captured and changed into a format that can be read and used by computer software.

There are different techniques that will help you capture data. Truth be said, some of the methods are not likely to work in your favor, so how will you know which methods to bank in?  Here are the basics of choosing a data capture method for your business in 2019:

1. Identify your needs

What information are you looking for? How will it affect your business?  These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself before embarking on deploying any data capturing method. For example, a digital company may be aiming at email collection from new customers and potential clients.  The best data capture method, in this case, would an app such as OnSpot Social.

Understand that each business has its own unique needs and that each data capture method used may affect its running differently.

2. Consider multiple solutions

Sometimes a single solution is not efficient to deliver the desired results.   Most companies use iPads and PDA only to discover later that the two data capture methods were not suitable to do the job. This article does not conclude that the two gadgets are not effective; Issues such as connectivity errors and constant technology changes may compromise their functionality.

As a business, understand that your data capture method doesn’t have to be the trendiest. You need to choose a data collection method that is realistic. For example, there is no need to carry your iPad to a construction site while you can have a digital pen with you. Chances of an iPad being damaged are as so high in such an event compared to a digital pen.

3. Embrace Simplicity

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Who said technology should be sophisticated?   One thing you have to understand is that the best data collection method is the one that does not alter your business operations. Avoid making a drastic change to the way operations are run in your business. This will only make things harder for you and your staff.

4. Secure and reliable

Data collection is a rigorous exercise, for this reason, it is important to make sure that the information collected is in good hands. Employ a data security software that does not expose your data to loss. In the event that you are using devices for your data collection, just make sure that the sensitive information is encrypted.

There are several reliable data security companies for every business. Most solutions in 2019 have the ability to capture and transmit data directly to any back end software for processing and secure storage.

5. Budget

Your data collection method should be highly sustainable. Most trendy data capturing methods might be too expensive for startups. However, small businesses must understand that the latest technologies do not necessarily perform better.

The truth of the matter remains that your budget plays a big role in the data capture method to deploy in your business. Choose an expensive method and your business will hit the rock bottom really fast!

6. Avoid duplication

Data collection methods are meant to reduce time and manpower used to enter information into a system.  The digital data collection methods, you do not have to worry about human errors. An application such as OnSpot Social has the ability to capture crucial customer feedback at your events or office effortlessly. Furthermore, such an application highly increases productivity thanks to its ability to have you conduct unlimited customer surveys.

data capture methods
data capture methods

Best data capture methods in 2019

Here are the best data capture methods for your business in 2019

1. Paperless forms

This data collecting method is highly used in the field. With the help of a mobile device, you can capture data by use of formless apps. Therefore, the information is then transferred instantly to your business systems for analysis.

2. Optical Character Recognition

This method of data collection is used to capture data from documents that have already been word processed. The method usually involves the conversion of documents into machine-readable files. After that is done, you may use specific keywords to locate certain files for your use.

3. Intelligent Character Recognition

This method does not differ so much from the Optical Character recognition explained above.  Businesses use this data capture method on handwritten business letters and other unstructured documents. The information is  usually converted to a  computer readable document

4. Barcode Technology

This data capture method lets you collect customer information such as their name and email. The information is pre-populated into a barcode format and with an app such as OnSpot Social, you will be able to send mobile coupons and deliver other interesting mobile web experiences to your customers. Thus increasing your user engagement.

5. Interviews

The interview is a great source of information from customers and clients. This method simply involves direct dialogue between two parties. As a business, you can use this method to collect information from your customers at your store or trade events.

An interview as a data capture method can be used at any stage of your business to capture sentiments of your customers about your products and services.

With the aid of data capture apps such as OnSpot, a business may be able to collect customer reviews and feedbacks through the interview method.

data capture app
data capture app

Why OnSpot Social for data capture in 2019?

OnSpot Social is one of the best data capturing apps in the market today. The app has vast features to help you capture emails effortlessly at your events. Here are some of the best features and how they will impact your business:

1. Easy to use

OnSpot Social app was not created for technology gurus! No, the app is easy to use and highly intuitive. It lets you carry out tasks without any much ado. Additionally, you can customize the app to your liking. The app works offline and collects a wide range of information form your clients at a store or trade show.

2. Unlimited surveys

OnSpot enables you to create and conduct unlimited customer surveys. There are so many excellent data collection apps in the market, but where is the catch? Most limit the number of questions you can ask your customers and the number of answers you receive at a time. This is where OnSpot comes to your rescue! No limitations and exactly what you want without the restriction.

3. Unlimited email capture

The app captures your leads email at any location and updates its system when you go online. You can collect unlimited emails and capture customer information within the shortest time possible. Therefore, the app then automatically allows you to transfer such customer or lead information to a CRM of your choice for further use.

4. Fat and simple integration

OnSpot Social automatically captures your customers’ emails, feedback and lets you forward this information to the email marketing software platform that you prefer. In other words, the app supports multiple iPad set up and gives you fast reports so as to get you started immediately.

  • OnSpot simply lets you synchronize your data across all your digital devices so that you have your customer contact readily available.

5. Affordable

With all these robust features, OnSpot Social will not cost you an arm and leg. The app lets you make a one time purchase or subscribe annually. Whichever plan you prefer, the app simply a win for your business

In Conclusion

As a business, you need to get the most out of the data collected. For this reason, you will need to engage an app that not only makes the process effortless but one that also ensures your data is safe at all times.

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