Why you need a lead capture app?

Any business that wishes to grow must know how to capture leads and nurture them as well. A lead capture app will help you collect leads. These quality leads will help you persuade them into buying from you.  This article explains why you need a lead capture app and reviews the best app in the market to help you get started right away.


personal data acquired with a lead capture app - OnSpot Social
personal data acquired with a lead capture app – OnSpot Social

Does your business really need a lead capture app?

Here are some outstanding benefits of lead capturing software:

1.      Instant follow-ups

A lead capturing app is easily customizable to send follow-ups to the captured leads. You may choose to send a thank you or welcome note. This will show your appreciation to your leads and customers. You may also make use of this automation feature to ask for feedback about their experience at the event. This not only helps you build a positive brand image, but it also helps you come up with strategies on how to better your services and products.

2.      Works anywhere

Most lead capture software feature an offline functionality that lets you collect your leads data from anywhere without internet connectivity. This way the process is usually efficient and fast, you can then have the data synchronized to the main account once you get connected to the internet. The end result is data gathered at one place for easy usability.

3.      Lead classification

A lead capturing app will help you categorize your clients depending on the type of products or services that they are interested in. This will make it easier for you to target them through text messages, calls or emails for the products they show interest in. Remember that there are higher chances of a lead buying from you when they are contacted almost immediately after the event.

4.      Improves accuracy

Your leads handwriting may not be legible thus making it difficult for you to comprehend. Additionally, errors are inevitable during the manual entering of data into the systems. There are high chances of losing leads when all the information you got is wrong!

5.      Staff monitoring

Teamwork plays a big role in business. You can take advantage of the lead capture apps to monitor how your staffs are doing at an event. The performance tracking feature motivates the team members to work hard in engaging with the prospects at an event.

6.      Time-saving

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Paper forms are bulk, they need one to carry them to trade shows and look after them so as to ensure that they are not stolen or misplaced. Additionally, whilst capturing any data it then needs to be entered into the system manually which is both tedious and time-consuming.

Immediate follow up is not possible since the data has to be entered into the system. A lead capture app gives you an instant chance to send messages and emails to your leads immediately they sign in or shortly after the event.

7.      Image capturing

Several leads capturing software enables capturing of pictures. This is one important feature that will help you capture your visitors business card details together with any other information that you may be needing.


Use of lead capture software on multiple devices
Use of lead capture software on multiple devices

Why OnSpot Social for lead capturing?

OnSpot Social provides some unique and top-notch features that have helped several giant companies leverage the opportunity from the events in an excellent way.

  • OnSpot Social is a lead capturing app that is easy to configure. The lead capturing software lets you configure data verification settings to ensure high-quality lead generation that your business deserves. The app effortlessly collects lead information such as email, contacts and name.
  • Your customers instantly receive emails or texts with digital coupons and links to sales. Additionally, you can send nurturing materials to your prospects so that you are able to turn them into customers within the shortest time possible.
  • OnSpot Social makes it possible for you to track return on investments from anywhere in the globe, you can now easily monitor your leadership behavior and reports from the control panel website.
  • The app enables campaign branding by letting you add your logos, colors and other designs that you deem necessary. The app comes with multiple screens types so that you are able to own your branding. Additionally, you can now manage your campaigns through multiple devices using the control panel website. This way it helps you stay updated always.

Poor Internet Access?

Let’s agree that a strong internet connection is not a guarantee at any event.  The OnSpot Social app gives you the advantage of avoiding any frustrations that come with a poor internet connection. Thereby enabling you to collect your leads data when offline.

  • The app lets you lock a lead collection form into a kiosk so that the form is fully displayed on the screen with automatic reloads of a blank form after each form submission. This in return facilitates quick and easy constant lead data capture even when there is high traffic at your booth during events.

The on-spot social app lets you customize your leads collection form meaning that you have control over what fields to include and what not to. Furthermore, all the data being captured can be sent to the CRM of your choice or an email marketing tool for lead nurturing purposes.

Last words

Events are one of the best ways to grow your business with a proper laid plan, you can capture thousands of leads. However, all that may not be possible without an efficient lead capturing app such as OnSpot Social. We feel this is a solution for your business.

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