5 Essential Features That Build an Email List

The money is in the list is a popular slogan among most digital marketers. This statement just shows how important it is for you to build an email list. As a business, an email list can significantly increase your sales. This article will enlighten you on the 5 essential features of an email list. Read on

1.   An email marketing service

Building a business email list can be hectic.  Fortunately, OnSpot Social will save you the headache thanks to its excellence in email collection and lead capture. The app lets you collect unlimited leads and emails together with their personal information.  It further enables you to transfer such information to any email marketing software such as mail chimp

Mail Chimp is one of the most popular email marketing services in the market today.  The software will organize your emails and send them as scheduled. We love the fact that it is an affordable option that helps you keep everything organized.

2. Social media integration

This is another email building feature we can’t afford to ignore. Mail chimp offers Facebook integration, simply synchronizes it to your Facebook at it automatically create a tab on your Facebook page.

Your Facebook followers will then be able to see what they should expect when they sign up to your email list

Additionally, the OnSpot Social app lets you convert your real-world customers into followers so that you are able to nurture them into loyal customers.

email list building

3.  Value

People commit to what they find value in. Your visitors are only likely to subscribe to your email list when they find valuable content on your website. Compelling content is the key to having your readers glued.

  • Your content should be entertaining, informative and user intent. Some of the ways you can make your content great include
  • Use of catch sensible headlines
  • In co-operating infographics and videos
  • You can also offer discounts on your products and services. This is simple to draw your readers into your email list.

4. Incentives

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Most visitors will need something in exchange for their email address. The easiest way to get the new visitors to subscribe is to offer them a freebie that they can’t resist.

You may offer a discount on a product or a free guide. Another email building strategy is offering gated content. Gated content is content that can only be available to the reader after they subscribe.

  • Remember that your subscribers can unsign from your list anything if your content is not offering a value that they are looking for.

5. Personalization

Personalizing each email experience is the best way to quickly build your email list and increase reader engagement significantly.  Look at some of the ways in which you can make the email experience excellent:

Consider the time zone:  It is obvious that your subscribers are not from the same location. An email marketing service offers several options so that you can select depending on different time zones so that your subscribers are able to receive your email immediately they open their emails.

Use recipient actual name:  Call your recipient by their name, it always feels good to be called by your name. Make sure that your emails come from someone specific in your brand.

Include the subject line: Again email services such as MailChimp enable you to give your subscribers offers based on their behaviors. If you are not sure of what your email subject should be, use the A/B testing feature offered by MailChimp so as to see which one makes more sense to your subscribers.

You can have exact email content for all your subscribers but the different subject headline. This is a simple way of increasing engagement with your subscribers.

Content: Each of your subscribers is unique so are their needs. How do you identify subscriber needs? It is simple, create a  subscriber profile on your site where they will be able to fill in their interests. This will enable you to create content that is relevant to what they have going on. You can also create offers based on their interests.

email list app
email list app

 One step sign up

To be honest, most business websites lack an email sign up link! A sign-up form should be displayed openly with a strong call to action and should be featured in more than one place on the page.

Some of the areas where you can place the email list builder include:

Content page: Placing an email sign up form in between or at the end of a blog post is one way to effortlessly entice readers to join your email list. However for this to work effectively, you have to create content that readers are willing to read to the end.

Feature box: You home page has a scroll spot where you can place your call to action to your email subscription. This area is strategic; just make sure your call to action is irresistible.

Pop-ups: Use of pop-ups is another excellently way to get readers to subscribe to your email list. With the help of software, you can be able to display pop-ups based on your readers’ behaviour on your website. Exit pop-ups are becoming increasingly effective and you can take advantage of this as soon as you can.

Do not assume that your readers have enough time to fill in a long form.  Have a simple one-step email sign up form.  Your form should contain a name and email field. Telephone number and address are not important at least not when you are building a business email list


  • Your business email subject line must be clear and brief. It is the only way that your readers are able to determine its value.
  • Your readers hate grammatical errors! Yes. Avoid using short cuts and slangs when drafting your business emails. A poorly written email speaks tons of negative things about your business.
  • Be friendly in your business emails but not too chatty. Focus on delivering essential information as early as you can. This is the only way to ensure that your recipient reads your email to the end.
  • To State what you expect from your reader at the end of your email. You need to be specific so that you get what you intended from the start.

Wrapping up

Email marketing is here to stay, it has improved over the years and most businesses are embracing its effectiveness in increasing engagement. We hope that our list helped you strategize on how to create an effective business email that will yield desired results.

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