The Benefits of Having a Secure Electronic Liability Waiver Online

In simple terms, a liability waiver is a contract in which a person agrees to let go of their rights to sue a service provider in the event that they are injured due to the service provider’s negligence. A waiver is a legal document and its drafting should be accorded the seriousness it deserves. In most cases, most courts will uphold the legality of an electronic waiver because of the convenience they come with.

We have discussed the benefits of having a secure electronic liability waiver online. We have also reviewed the best waiver app to help you better understand why you need it for your business.


the growing need for a secure liability waiver online
the growing need for a secure liability waiver online

Why should you have an electronic liability waiver?

Here are some vital reasons as to why you need to say goodbye to your traditional waiver form and embrace the electronic waiver:

1.      Time-saving

Time is money, as a business owner, you probably know this better than anyone out there.  You can agree that there is not enough time for you to complete all the tasks that you intend to. An electronic liability waiver can help save you some time so that you are able to focus on other things.   It is easy to have your customers complete their online waivers ahead of time thus making checking in effortless.

2.      Improves accuracy

Traditional waivers are frequently prone to mistakes that can cost your business big time!  There are so many chances of having an eligible document if your client’s handwriting is poor. Remember that poor data is a missed marketing opportunity as well as a liability to your business.  Electronic waivers, on the other hand, are easy to draft, easy to read and can be effortlessly transferred to your preferred CRM. The digital waivers do not give room for guessing names, addresses or emails hence improved accuracy as most processes are simply automated!.

With electronic waivers, you will not have to worry about forgetting to fill in some required fields. The incomplete forms are automatically rejected hence making the whole process error free.

3.      Secure

Protecting your business data is undoubtedly very crucial. You may face penalties for leaking clients’ data. However, electronic liability waivers give you no reason to worry. Most electronic waivers are encrypted and stored safely in the cloud using top-notch security.

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The electronic waivers come with automated online backups, there is no more worrying about losing your paper waivers or guarding them against unauthorised access.  Additionally, your data will always be available online whenever you need it, forget about going through heaps of files to find what you are looking for.

4.      Easier integration

You need your business tools to work hand in hand to give you the best. For this to happen, you will need to create an integration that enables you to easily share data between several applications. This is one of the best ways to get more work done in the shortest time possible.

Electronic waivers include native support for several email services so that you are able to easily send emails to your participants.  The best electronic liability waiver app OnSpot Social features automation tools that work seamlessly to give you an ample time completing tasks that could otherwise eat into more of your precious time.

5.      Ease search and analysis

The real value of your business relies on how best you analyse and make use of the data available.  The best electronic waiver forms feature robust tools to help you best understand your customer behaviour.  Most provide real-time graphs and reports so as to help you strengthen your business marketing strategies thus increase your return on investments.

6.      Creates a serious impression

We are stepping into the digital world. Most people shop online, bank online and even order delicacies online. An electronic liability waiver app only makes sense in this time and age.

Your clients expect you to be updated on the simplest way to have tasks done. Embracing an electronic liability waiver shows your clients that you are serious with your business thus developing an element of trust towards what you are offering.

Besides, electronic waiver forms keep you updated on the market trend and help you paint a picture of professionalism.


the growing need for a secure liability waiver online
the growing need for a secure liability waiver online

Why OnSpot Social app for liability waiver?

OnSpot Social features online signage that also allows you to include links to the waivers so that the customers are able to open and sign the waiver using a keyboard and mouse.

  • The app enables fast lead generation during your events. With the app’s automation features, your customers are now able to receive confirmation emails the moment they buy event tickets or book an appointment. As if not enough, the app easily sets up an on-location kiosk so that you have your participants sign when they arrive.
  • OnSpot lets you merge QR codes or links in the same confirmation messages so that your customers are able to complete the waivers ahead of time and check in using the provided QR codes.

The app works very well without internet access thus making it easier for you to collect customer signature from anywhere. With OnSpot Social now you can easily make a digital display of your terms and conditions to your customers at events.

Our last thoughts

An electronic liability waiver is a must have for any business that conducts experiential events. It is one of the best ways to keep yourself organized and safe at the same time. OnSpot Social app has years of good reputation and there is no doubt that it is the electronic liability waiver app that you need to make your work easier

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