Use OnSpot Social in Your Next Prize Giveaway

Without our customers we would simply not be a business. In today’s marketplace it is vital to be able to stay on top of the trends that our customers love. Keeping in mind that our world is becoming more and more dependent on the Internet to keep them informed, we have to use that tool to our fullest advantage. You can take some of the struggle of trying to keep up with the ever-changing client base by keeping in touch with your clients wants by following trends on social media, analytics on your own website, having the most up-to-date technology at your disposal and so much more. However, what happens when that just isn’t enough? As a business owner you have to balance so many things on your shoulders, you should ease some of that stress by being able to contact your customers and clients directly through email.

Our economy hasn’t been the greatest. As a business owner you know that. You know that you have to put every effort in when trying to gain and expand on a customer base. However, consumers are also becoming more aware of deals and savings. With the expansion of so many group buying sites and coupon programs, you should cut out the middle man and offer these promotions organically. Any business that offers a product or service is familiar with using online promotions as part of their marketing plan. By using OnSpot Social as part of your next prize give away or marketing promotion you are creating an instant connection with your savvy consumers.

You can present your promotion anywhere, with OnSpot Social. By greeting your customers either at the door, at your sales booth, or even on the sidewalk by your storefront. When you connect with your customers face-to-face you’re not giving them the opportunity to back out of entering their email for your promotion. This opportunity is far more valuable than any advertising you could purchase.

By combining the old school way of having a conversation face-to-face with the new dependence on technology your business is hitting the sweet spot that every consumer wants-if they admit it or not. When you open these doors in to consumer behaviors, you are creating a conversation about your promotion. They will go and tell their friends and family about the promotion they entered on an iPad. We all know word of mouth is vital to any promotion, so let OnSpot Social get that ball rolling for you.