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Use iPad To Capture Email Addresses At Trade Shows & Conferences


OnSpot Social is an iPad app designed specifically for collecting email addresses and contact information from visitors at trade show booths, conferences, retail stores, and restaurants.

If you’re a regular attendee of trade shows & conferences you know the scene, it’s a constant battle to “out do” the other vendors.  Businesses continually spend more on getting bigger, flashier banners and extravagant giveaways (aka Swag).  True, these tactics usually do draw the crowds to your booth.  However, once there, what is done to further engage the booth visitor and ultimately get their contact information?  A contest?  Drawing?  Traditional paper & pen email contact form?

As we have entered the “digital age,” it makes sense to employ technology to solve problems.  Many are finding that displaying an iPad at a trade show booth equipped with an email collecting App makes life much easier.  Although this method may cost more up front than other traditional approaches, the time it saves businesses in the long-run usually makes it a wise financial decision.  Additionally, more email addresses are generally collected with this method as opposed to a pen & paper sign up that often goes unnoticed.

We recently spoke with the Marketing & Sales division of Jzanus Consulting that has been successfully using the OnSpot Social iPad App at trade shows in the New York Metropolitan Area.  They observed the following benefits when using an iPad to collect email addresses at recent events.

Attract & Engage Visitors – Jzanus noted that the animated digital sign feature of the email collecting app caught the attention of trade show attendees.  Visitors would usually come over to check out the iPad, at which time they were able to engage the visitor.  Jzanus had preloaded the details of a $100 free gift card contest into the App that was displayed in full screen animated text on the iPad.

Increase Number of Email Addresses Collected – By attracting more people to their booth with the iPad kiosk and full screen digital sign, Jzanus was able to collect more email addresses and contact information than they typically had in the past.  They noted that visitors appeared to enjoy interacting with the iPad and loved how easy OnSpot Social was to use.

Save Time – Usually after a convention, a long list of email addresses and/or business card contact information needs to be inputted into their contact management database.  As all email addresses collected by OnSpot Social can be securely downloaded instantly through your web account, this process took seconds instead of hours.

4 thoughts on “Use iPad To Capture Email Addresses At Trade Shows & Conferences”

  1. Nice share, trade show & event apps dont need manual efforts when you can use them as an unattended kiosk & collect data with real-time analytics.

  2. Hello, I need something very specific. I am at trade shows much of the year, large and expensive ones. I will tell you in advance that I am researching to try to find a free app to do this and I have just started but it seems you might be able to make this app for me (for an ipad in my booth) if I am unable to find something existing that I can use. And also, I am doing this for my sister who sells a medical device; she has no time for this research.

    This ipad contact form will need to be a little more specific than most forms because we need to know if the person we are talking to us a doctor, a naturopathic doctor, an athletic director (and probably other choices) or just simply a customer in pain! So even though we want the form to be very simple we do want these choices. If the contact questionnaire bogs down they will just simply not do it; must be quick and simple.
    So with these few instructions, what advice do you have? I am going to give my own information to you below as I need to complete this investigation before I get her involved. I also need to know what the approximate cost would be to develop it and what timing would be involved. Maybe it could also be something that could be available on her website also. But at this time I will not include the website although we can certainly do that later if there gets to be an interest. Thank you so much

  3. Donna – Thanks for the comment. You can use OnSpot Social out of the box for the use case you’ve described. We can customize it to fit your needs. We’ll have one of our customer success managers reach out to you today.

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