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Email & Data Collection App


Customized Keyboards With Shortcut Keys

Faster & easier for users to type their information

Large Buttons & Formatted Input Areas

Ensures information is entered correctly

Collect Any Type of Information Needed

Everything from email addresses to multiple choice questions

Online and Offline Collection

Collect at any location, any time

Ability to Sync to Email Marketing Software

Download data as CSV file or automatically sync to your Email Marketing / CRM

Why Choose OnSpot Social for your Business’s Email Address & Data Collection?

OnSpot Social is a leader in tablet based email address and data collection. When it comes to collecting information on an iPad, ease of use, accuracy, and input speed are all of importance. The OnSpot Social app exceeds in these areas.

Collect Email Addresses Or Any Type Of Information Needed

Setting up your data collection sequence is simple and fast. Collect any type of information needed, the possibilities are unlimited. Below are just a few examples of what our clients are collecting:

  • Email Addresses
  • Names
  • Mailing Addresses
  • Mobile Numbers
  • Birthdays
  • Facebook Likes & Twitter Follows
  • Instagram
  • Surveys
  • Consumer Preferences using Multiple Choice Questions
  • Feedback & Suggestions

Use the App Anytime, Anywhere

Collect email addresses and other data online or offline—no internet connection is required.

Traveling abroad? OnSpot Social is multi-lingual and can be configured to work in any language.

Ensure Quick & Accurate Data Entry

Customized Keyboards & Shortcut Keys
With customized keyboards and shortcut keys for each type of data capture, users are able to enter information quicker and easier than when using the standard tablet keyboard.

Format Checking
Make certain the data you collect is accurate! OnSpot Social checks the formatting of email addresses, mobile numbers, and URLS before a user can submit.

City & State Auto-Populate Feature
Thinking of asking users to enter their mailing address? The OnSpot Social app will automatically populate the users city and state based on the postal code they enter.

Export Collected Data Or Automatically Send To Your Email Marketing Software

Conveniently download collected data as a CSV/Excel file. Additionally, you can setup your account to automatically send collected data to your email marketing or CRM software. See our complete list of current integrations here.

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