How to Grow Your Social Media List In 2019

Do social media followers matter? Social media list building is vital for any business since no business thrives without generating leads for nurturing. In this article, we have given a road map on how to grow your social media following.  Remember healthy followers generate a positive proof for your brand on social media, lead to increased sales and much more.


Social media list building across multiple channels with the OnSpot Social App
Social media list building across multiple channels with the OnSpot Social App


Social media apps such as OnSpot Social play a vital role in helping you boost your followers across all your social media platforms as we shall find out.

But first,

Here are some tactics to help you increase your social media following in 2019:

1. Know your audience well

You cannot attract an audience whose needs, desires and wants you to know nothing about! Understanding your audience is the focal point of creating a successful social media strategy.  Here is how to get to know your audience:

  • Survey your target audience to better understand their needs and desires.
  • Look into their demographics
  • Be active in forums and groups with  your target audience
  • Actively respond to questions on your blog and forums with your target audience
  • Respond to all the questions  and comments on your social media platforms
  • Collect feedback using tools using social media apps such as OnSpot Social.

Once you feel you know your target audience inside out, you will be equipped to help them solve their problems, every person wants to deal with a brand that cares. Do not forget the power of referrals, your audience is powerful in spreading the word about your business thus helping you grow your social media list fast. Your main focus should be to be of value to your customers and the rest shall follow.

2. The power of video content

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Social generation marketing cannot be complete without mentioning the potency of video content. Digital media marketing gurus predict that all consumer traffic will be from video by the year 2022. For this reason, it is important to start creating video content if you haven’t already.

  • There are several ways to use video content on social media to build your list in 2019.

Social media apps such as OnSpot Social lets you show branded product videos to your audience, a simple way to attract their attention. During events the app lets you show digital ads with your iPad at your booth. As if not enough, you can connect to a larger screen and allow your customers to scan a QR code, email or text themselves a link of your social media platforms

Facebook’s live feature allows you to connect with your audience in the most genuine way ever.  Your followers engage by asking questions, this allows you to showcase your business expertise. As much as you show your audience that you care about their needs and interests, growing your social media list should not worry you, it will come effortlessly.

3. Engage with your audience

Ignoring building relationships with your audience will eventually have a bad effect on your brand. There is no better way to increase your brand visibility other than by connecting genuinely with your audience.

There are several ways to engage with your customers on social media. One of the most obvious ones is to engage in social media groups with a similar target audience. All you have to do is stay active and offer valuable content, your audience will automatically follow you for more.

  • Engage with your customers and prospects by answering their questions on across your social media business pages.

A platform such as twitter lets you retweet and interact in twitter chats thus helping you build a positive image for your brand which leads to an increased social media following.

OnSpot Social app boosts excellent survey feature to help you obtain feedback from your customers as a way of engaging with them and also getting reviews on the products and services you offer.

4. Automate your reach

All business owners have felt overwhelmed in one way or another. Several tools can help you do the job so that you remain focused on other issues of your business.  Remember that any successful social media list building strategy will highly depend on the type of tools at work.

Social media tools such as OnSpot Social lets you schedule your content so that you increase your social media presence significantly. The app perfectly supports digital content like URLs, videos and PDF sent to your email subscribers or social media followers thus enabling them to share with their friends and followers across other digital platforms.

5. Run contests

Developing a successful social media contest is another alluring technique you can use to grow your social media list fast. It not only increases your online visibility but also promotes and increases customer engagement tremendously.

OnSpot Social lets you use your iPad to engage customers so that you can create an unforgettable experience for your followers through social media contests during tradeshows and events. Your audience can play scratch and win games as the app selects random winners and texts them their prizes.

On social media, you need to think of an offer that your audience is not likely to resist.  The next step is to decide which social media platform you will run your contest on. Create your contest depending on the type of audience you are targeting, do not forget to include the deadline for when it shall end and when you will be announcing the winner.

Give some tokens to anyone sharing your contests with their followers across other social media platforms. This is a genius way to promote your contest as well as gain popularity across social media.


Social media list building with the OnSpot Social App
Social media list building with the OnSpot Social App


Wrapping it up

Even though growing your social media is a daunting task, the benefits are too many to ignore. The sad reality is that any business not serious about its social media list building is likely to lose big on sales, online visibility and much more.

The tactics we listed above will help you develop a social media list building strategy that works. Social media is meant to share ideas, as long as you make your audience your top priority; you will see positive results within a short while.

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