How to Simplify Your College Admissions Process

We all know that the college admission process can be hectic.  From manually sorting out applications to sending out interview invites, the whole processes can be tiresome and less productive in the long run. A college admission software simply lets you do more within no time so that you have time on your hands to pay attention to other tasks in your institution. This article sheds light on why you need a  college admission software and reviews the best software for the job. Read on

Why you should use college admission software?

The college admission process can be a nightmare when not well thought out from the start. There is no doubt that the traditional admission process delays decision making and hinders one from quickly processing college admissions. Fortunately, college admission software will:

  • Help you automate tasks so as to have you and your staff focuses on the applicants’ needs on open days.
  • Provide clear visibility into how the applicants’ pool relates to  the target population
  • Help you get rid of paperwork by integrating with your student information system.


college admission process made easy for young woman online - OnSpot Social
college admission process made easy for a young woman online – OnSpot Social

Cuts delays

An application software automates capturing and routing of applications for more timely decisions. The paperwork that supports applications can be scanned thus no further processing of paperwork is necessary.

Most apps for college admission automatically import electronic documents and data feeds, so that you no longer need to print out applications that you receive online. The software automatically indexes the information while updating the checklist.  The app then automatically matches the digital application with the documents thus eliminating paperwork in the long run.

Reduces manual work

There is no doubt that the traditional paper-based college admission process is hectic. With an admission app, you can work much faster thus enabling you to increase the volume of the applications you receive without necessarily adding new staff to your team.

Why use the OnSpot Social app for the college admission process?

OnSpot Social has been a game-changer in the college admission process for several years. The app has simply seen the admission and marketing teams save hundreds of hours. The app is configured to support each of your program unique enrolment requirements as it effortlessly supports integration with other systems that you may already be using.

The application comes in a mobile-friendly design so as to allows you to view new applicants or check your analytics when on the go.  The applicants can log in from any device in real-time so that they are able to ask any questions regarding the college admission process. OnSpot supports easy- to -follow screens thus fewer hassles for prospects. The app makes it easy for the college and applicants to complete their tasks even from the remotest part of the globe where there is no internet access.

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OnSpot Social has everything you need in one place. The admin dashboard boosts applicants updates and status summaries and statistics among much other analytics. The app lets you create your reports the way that you desire by use of a drop-down menu that helps you quickly filter data to view or print out.

  • The app incorporates the full college admission enrolment path, from prospecting, payment processing to acceptance /decline to onboarding requirements. The software simply boosts an excellent end-to-end oversight.


Student part of the college admission process - OnSpot Social
Student part of the college admission process – OnSpot Social


What about reporting?

On spots advanced reporting tools let you view applicants’ data at a glance. You will be able to view the application statuses,   applicants letter of recommendation, portfolios and much more. Additionally,  the software is also a central place to capture all documentation from deadlines to admission events in a user-friendly secure interface.

OnSpot Social makes it so easy for you to filter data so that you only export what you need. You may then keep an eye on  chosen key stats

  • The app lets you streamline the process so that your applicants are able to log online and review applications assigned to them in real-time. The software then lets you schedule, automate and schedule all communications from the SMS to calls and emails thus saving you time for other tasks in the admission process.
  • The scheduling feature automatically generates emails and texts to candidates so that they are able to view the available dates for the interviews. All applicants can then log into the software and schedule themselves.

The software makes it easier for you to prepare for events in advance thus helping you maximize every minute you have.  The app supports read-only access documentation so that the interviewers are able to log into the system and access the applicant’s details fast. The simple customizable web helps the interviewers evaluate candidates by use of a simple web form. The report is then automatically updated and forwarded to other administrators.

The app automatically prompts applicants to submit their credit card information via the college-branded portal when they are accepted into the college program of their choice. The app boasts a secure collection of financial data for payment of tuition fees.

OnSpot Social boosts a secure 24/7 access. Students can submit their inquiries and follow up communication 24 hours a day. The software has a secure web interface so that all the information is available in real-time. The app comes with numerous tutorials for new users so that you are able to learn as you progress.


students already celebrating their college admission term completed - OnSpot Social
students already celebrating their college admission term completed – OnSpot Social


Our last words

We all know that your school admission is your only chance to make a good first impression. Do not lose students because of your slow admission processes. Investing in a college admission app is will help you streamline the whole process and create an unforgettable experience.

There is no single doubt that OnSpot Social is a secret weapon when it comes to engaging with digital era students with the aim of recruiting them.  The app simply lets you decrease turn-around time for enrolment decisions with fast decisions that are customized to fit your needs.

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