College Admission App Software Requirements and Needs

What should you look for in college admission app software? There are countless college admission applications out there. However, choosing the right one for your college admission might not be as easy as you may think. To avoid future disappointments we have listed some vital factors to consider before paying for a college admission app. Additionally, we have reviewed the best 3 college admission apps to help you choose one that suits your business needs.


Student thankful for the college admission software - OnSpot Social
Student thankful for the college admission software – OnSpot Social


1. Efficiency

The main objective of an admission app is to eliminate manual work and save time.  Right from scheduling interviews to answering questions related to the admission, there is simply no time to waste on a slow software. Consider the efficiency of the system on everyday tasks.

2. Accessibility

The admission process is usually handled by different people in the administration. The system you choose should efficiently accommodate all the members of the team. A system that shares data across one system that is easily available to all the administrative members. This is to ensure that no vital data will get lost in between. Again, there is no better way to enhance teamwork than to drink from a single cup!

3. Versatility

An excellent admission application should be tailored to your requirements and needs as an institution. This is the only way to make sure that your efforts are properly maximized. Additionally, the software should work seamlessly with other tools that you use in the admission process.

4. Easy to use

There is no time to juggle a complicated system. It is not sensible to spend all the time you have in training your staff on software.  The system you choose should be easy to use so that you and your team save time for other tasks such as assisting students and parents to settle well on open days.

 5. Dependability

Great software should boost all the robust features that you need to make the admission process fast and effortless.  The app should offer you the reliability you need at all times. It is, therefore, important to choose a system whose developers have years of experience in the field. Additionally, ensure that the system has a  support team with vast knowledge so as to have you quickly sorted out when need be.

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best app for college admissions - OnSpot Social
best app for college admissions – OnSpot Social


Best college admission apps

We have listed the best college admission apps to help you cut through the noise and get you started already.

1. AMP

Amp is a sure bet for every college that aims at making the admission process seamless. With AMP you don’t require any technical experience, the app boasts a simple design and tools that are easy to use. Additionally, the software easily integrates with other tools that you may be already using thus giving you maximum benefits.

AMP is quickly customizable to take care of your admission needs thanks to its fast and seamless integration with other software. The app works well with other systems of college admission such as payment processing, student information system, common application services and many more.

The application is accessible 24/7 so that you are able to complete your tasks from whichever part of the world you are in. Its mobile-friendly interface makes it simple for users to browse and review their applications on the go.

With just a few simple clicks, you have the applicants data displayed on the screen. Everything you need can be viewed from the admin dashboard thus making it easy for you to know where to find what. By using the drop-down menus you can quickly filter data and create your custom reports and even print them out for other uses.

Do you need help? AMP boost excellent customer care support to help you with any questions that you may be having at any time.

2. Evalato

Looking for college admission management software that streamlines all your tasks? Evaluation is one of the best college addition apps thanks to its fully customizable web experience.

The app boasts customizable style and colors with an easy webpage builder so that you design your app the way as you desire. With over 40 languages support, the app can simply be used over a wide population and offer great admission experience.

Evalato’s top-notch marketing features that include automated communication with applicants make it easier for you to process numerous applications in no time. The app also boasts more than 30 payment methods to ensure that applicants are able to pay using the method they deem safe.

The software lets you complete your applicant’s evaluations in no time. It boasts a one-click submission approval and shortlisting and custom scorecard criteria. You can now straightforward judge the assignments thanks to its full-featured judging portal.

  • The evaluation features real-time analytics that is exportable to other platforms thanks to the app’s multiple integrations.


Students who have gone through the college admissions process - OnSpot Social
Students who have gone through the college admissions process – OnSpot Social



Alma boosts a powerhouse of technology; the app lets you create a perfect first impression by helping you complete admission tasks in no time. Its intuitive interface lets you create the best experience both the students and parents.

Alma simply lets you say goodbye to manual work for good. It also saves you time by offering you the most user-friendly interface available so that you and your teamwork without any issues. The app’s flexible interface enables you to collect the data that you need only thus saving you time and energy.

With every single stage, you can now create custom forms with timelines so that parents are guided fully during the admission process.  The app features mobile optimization so that the applicants are able to complete their entire admission from their gadgets at their convenience.

  • It is your time to discover efficient human support paired with elegant software that is tailored to fit each of your needs.


Managing college admission manually is the same as shooting in the dark. Todays’s applicants not only expect a faster decision, but they also expect timely processing. For this reason, you can not afford to be left behind, this article has reviewed the best apps to get you started with college admission. At OnSpot Social, we hope that you found one among these that is tailored to your needs and interests.

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