Top College Admissions App Software

The college recruitment process is typically an archaic process that involves a lot of manual procedures requiring a lot of intensive hours of time by college staff and employees. College admissions app software allows admissions staff to spend their time more wisely by helping teams build personalized communications, provide powerful analytics and help admissions teams find, engage and enroll more of the right kinds of students.

college-admissions-app-successCollege Admission App Software Requirements and Needs

Before choosing a college admissions app software, be sure to create a clear outline of goals and needs. This will help drive your decision for the appropriate college admissions app software tool.  Here are some aspects to look for when choosing an admissions app software:

  • A system to manage and organize forms and paperwork
  • Admissions evaluation management and scoring
  • Process and routing management
  • Integration with a CRM to speed up the communications process
  • Improve the experience for prospective students
  • A holistic approach with additional tools like financial aid management, scheduling and curriculum management.

Be sure, when choosing a college admissions app software program, that you rank your requirements,” says Bill from Linchpin. It’s important to first demo a system before making a financial commitment to ensure it fits your needs.

Top Ten College Admissions App Software Systems


Choose the candidates who are the best fit for your institution by turning complex data into business decisions. AMP is customizable to fit your admissions process and has a seamless integration with other systems. AMP consists of six modules and you can choose to use only one or all six.  They are Prospecting, Application & Admission, Schedule Today, Onboarding, and Alumni. It includes web-based reporting, flexibility and easy to use interfaces.


Admissions solutions streamline administrative processes and improve the student experience.  Automate the entire admissions process with Ascend by connecting with prospects and enrolling the right candidate for your programs. Gain a CRM and application tool all in one. Use the robust tracking and analysis tools to measure results and improve approach with students. Ascend is part of a larger package through Simplicity that can supply software programs that not only better manage the admissions process but assist all the way through to post-graduation.

Collegix by Aptron

This is a robust system that automates processes and workflows for student lifecycle management, recruiting and admissions, financial aid, HR and finance and advancement. Specifically, on the recruiting and admissions side, Collegix helps colleges find and engage the right student for their institution. It’s an effective tool that organizes and helps the recruitment staff through the process. And, Its online self- service portal allows prospective students to apply online, identify interests, sign up for ongoing communications and track the details of their application process.


Consider Databank an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system that can securely control your information to better organize, manage and store in one single centralized place. Databank offers solutions for admissions management, financial aid management, student records and registrar’s office. Decrease turnaround for enrollment decisions with fast and accurate solutions tailored to fit colleges and universities.


This software is designed to meet the needs of higher education with services aimed at helping students, staff, and faculty.  For recruitment and enrollment services, Ellucian CRM Recruit is a software that helps higher education institutions by personalizing communications, maximizing results, automating workflows, and integrating teams.  Features include reports and analytics, event management tools, marketing communications, prospect and funnel management, online applications, and integration with core systems.


This is the most advanced end-to-end online admissions tool specifically designed to manage a college’s entire admissions process from recruitment to admittance. Embark allows the creation of inquiry forms, application forms, and a workflow that includes an evaluation process to help with decision making and the admittance process. It can also notify students of admissions decisions through an unlimited number of student decision letters.


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Lexmark is a document management system that supports efficiency across all campus departments including enrollment services, admissions, financial aid, student records, advancements, athletics, registrar, and student housing. Lexmark Admissions Evaluation App empowers admissions with a single view into a student’s information which can speed up the admissions process. Connect Lexmark to your other applications to better integrate your entire admissions process.

Liaison UniCAS

Unified Centralized Application Services, or UniCAS, helps aggregate data across enrollment services for graduate programs. Every graduate program has unique admissions requirements, making the admissions process difficult to manage for colleges.  UniCAS lets you make strategic decisions based on key enrollment data and benchmark your university’s activities against peer institutions.  It also allows admissions teams to work more efficiently with an easy-to-use interface, delivering better enrollment experience to applicants, and a unified view of enrollment efforts to help model trends for future enrollment decisions.


This is an affordable college software focused on the needs of smaller colleges. This system provides an all-encompassing admissions solution that spans the entire student life cycle. It includes academics, admissions, billing, people, reporting, library, scheduling, integrated email and a lot more!  Populi allows your entire school to be integrated so that everyone can work better together. It starts with the Admissions tool that helps better connect your school with new leads and inquiries and designs an application process that is customized to your school’s needs.


With SimpleApply you get online applications that simplify your college admissions process.  SimpleApply includes affordable solutions for online admissions applications, net price calculators for financial aid estimates, custom admissions enrollment solutions, and forms that make for a more efficient processing of Workforce Rehabilitation Act compliance.


Slate allows colleges and universities to better handle the breadth and depth of the admissions process. It includes a comprehensive CRM tool, admissions forms, events and travel management, online application, real-time reporting and analytics, and a self-service portal for applicants. Add Slate into the rest of the university’s applications for one centralized campus integration.

Bonus Option – Onspot Social’s App

Each year, college recruiters attend many college fairs in an effort to recruit prospective students. The OnSpot Social app makes it easier to engage with and relate to those students.   Think of us as the secret weapon that makes it easier to approach and  recruit the current batch of technology-based students.

Comparison Chart of Services Offered

Confused about how systems differ? See below for a side by side comparison of key services offered by college admissions app software services and learn which best benefits your admissions needs.


Download the comparison chart as a PDF.

Rise Above Expectations

Your college’s admissions process is your chance to make a first impression. Don’t let students down by leading them through a slow, confusing and disorganized process. Invest in a college admissions software app that allows you to streamline your admissions process, manage documents and help evaluate admittance requirements.

The admissions process is a high-touch, multi-step process that requires a high-tech approach to meet today’s student needs. Gone are the days where college admissions can be managed via a manual process. Today’s students expect faster decisions and faster processing.  College admissions app software tools provide a range of system offerings.  Use the free demos offered by each system to find the right fit for your college or university.