What Is The Purpose Of Auto Text?

As a business owner, you might be tempted to focus on big things. However, small things such as reminders to clients, when ignored can lead to a major decrease in sales. So what do you do? With OnSpot Social, you can cut down the workload by automating small tasks.

Your customers and prospects are more likely to read a text sent to them; which makes it a perfect way to send reminders about your products and services launch or even flash sales. Scheduled messages can also be used to remind customers about events, appointments and coupon codes.

What are auto texts?

Auto texts are simply messages that are drafted in advance about an event, products or services and scheduled to be sent automatically to customers and prospects.

Messaging is personal; chances are your clients will read it while out and about. An auto text can also welcome your new customers as soon as they join your marketing list. There is simply no better way to engage your clients about different aspects of your brand other than using an auto text to sufficiently keep them on the know.

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Why use auto text?

Here is why you should consider using auto text to grow your business:

1. Increases accuracy

It is almost impossible for human beings to avoid errors. OnSpot Social auto text eliminates human error and increases reliability thus doubling your marketing efforts.

2. Saves time

Any business owner would want to save time and channels it elsewhere where the need arises. OnSpot’s auto texts helps reduce workload and time hence according to you more time to take care of other aspects of your businesses. All you have to do is create and schedule them in your marketing calendar.

3. Enhances brand’s availability

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Auto texts give you the ability to instantly reply to several messages. This is the most effortless way to become accessible to most of your customers all day long.

4. Increase customer engagement

Auto texts help you bring back your not so interested leads back to your sales funnel. By sending out the messages you will also be able to retarget your old customers effortlessly hence keeping them active and loyal throughout the sales process.

How to send auto texts

It doesn’t matter the number of customer subscribers you have. With Onspot, reaching to them is so simple. Here are the simple steps to follow:

  • Select the segment or group of people that should receive your drafted message. You can make a campaign out of it by just having a chain of related messages.
  • Time your messages appropriately. You can decide to send a welcome note immediately or some hours after a new customer joins the list, it all depends on what you deem best.
  • Once you have decided when to send the specific messages and whom to send to, set the messages live and you will have automated the whole process. It is that simple!

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Important elements of auto texts

There are basic elements that must be adhered to so as to make auto text marketing successful:

1. Unique offer

Your offers must excite your customers from the moment they receive your message. You have to make your subscribers feel the urge to read your messages each time they hit their inbox. Do not forget to include value in each message your subscribers receive from you. Just abuse the privilege given by your customers to text them.

  • Do not copy any offers across other channels. Avoid giving the same offer you gave to mailing list to the SMS subscribers.
  • Try not to give minor discounts; substantial discounts will sound good.
  • Avoid giving your customers the same offer each week. It will eventually get boring and some may even opt of out the list!

2. Duration

Each offer should come with an expiry date. This will prompt your subscribers to take action as soon as possible. You can also keep on reminding your subscribers of a deal that is happening weeks to come.

  • Do not forget to include custom links in your messages this is the only way to track individuals who have redeemed the offers.

3. Call to action

An offer should always be followed by a strong call to action. Make sure that you avoid the use of the shorthand. Abbreviations are strongly prohibited in text message marketing, simply because not all your costumes are going to understand them. An MMS, for example, allows you to write long messages and you may even attach videos or photographs.

4. Timing is everything

Do not automate your messages to too often because your customers are likely to be unexcited. Sending the messages during the wrong time of the day (when people are all busy in the offices and classes) can be annoying. The trick is to find a proper balance.

  • It is advisable to automate your messages to two or a maximum of four in a month.

Send your text when you feel is right for your customer to receive them.   Remember that you will also be needed to respond to your customer’s messages as soon as possible. Each response from your customer gives you a good chance to make a sale.

Why OnSpot Social for auto text?

 OnSpot Social app allows you to send personalized messages to your customers so as to increase your customer engagement and increase sales. The app also lets you manage your customer relationships from any location thus providing you with the convenience that your business deserves.

The app includes a mass texting feature that enables you to quickly send reminders and alerts to all your subscribers.   This feature also gives your subscribers a good chance to send information and share it with friends and family.


As a business owner, you need to do testing so as to know which kind of texts increase conversations. Auto text is a powerful marketing tool that can help you increase your sales tremendously. We have no doubt that OnSpot Social app will provide you with the utmost convenience you need to grow your business fast.

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