How to Use AutoText To Build Brand Engagement

With so many brands seeking customer attention, how can your brand come up with an engagement strategy that will earn you rise in sales and customer trust? Autotext is one of the most effective media for getting to your customers in the shortest duration possible. People respond to messages way faster than they respond to the emails. A brand engagement app such as OnSpot includes an auto text features that will enable you as a brand engages with your customers effortlessly.

This article sheds light on how to use auto text to build brand engagement and also tells you why OnSpot Social app is your best bet. Continue reading


several people reading an auto text
several people reading an auto text

How to use auto text to build your brand engagement.

Here are several ways you can use auto text to your advantage as a brand:

1. Send acknowledgement

A simple act such as sending a thank you message can increase your brand engagement tremendously. The acknowledgement messages should be timed after a customer completes a transaction with you.  By using a CRM of your choice you can manage multiple transactions by having triggered texts from the CRM go out to your customers.

2. Brand information

Your customers want to be part of your brand growth process. For this reason,  texts about your brand information will actually make them feel like shareholders in your business. The information you may provide include behind the scenes access to announcements before anyone else does. This is one of the best ways to increase brand engagement and increase customer loyalty tremendously.

3. Contests

Contests effortlessly increase excitement around your business. Offer prizes that are of value so as to have enough customer participants. Include a small prize just for entering. All you have to do is to text your customers a keyword to enter, with the auto text system you will be able to conduct a text to win a contest which your customers will love and talk about for a long time.

4. Give special offers through auto text

An autotext lets you pamper your customers with offers that they won’t find anywhere else. For you to provide relevant offers you need to have your marketing team study customer behavior over time. The data available will then help you come up with an incentive that your customers are unlikely to resist. You may segment your customers based on their purchasing behavior so that you ate able to personalize their offers.

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Sending out auto texts with personalized offers is a sure way of increasing brand engagement and loyalty.

5. Cart abandonment reminders

For one reason or another, your customers may leave their products in the cart and log out. As a brand that’s lost revenue! Am sure you wouldn’t want to bring the customers to your website, have them select items for them to leave them in the cart. Fortunately, with an auto text, you can remind your customers about their uncompleted purchase. You do not have to complicate matters, address them in a simpler way and if possible include a link to the checking out page so as to simplify the process and save time as well.

6. Delivery notifications

Sending delivery notifications or updates is another simple way to increase your brand engagement with your customers. It is a  sure bet that your customers want to know the status of their orders. Sending regular emails on the same is ok, however, one thing you have to know that your notifications may go to the spam folder and there is nothing you can probably do about it.

An auto texts save your customer the headache of them having to contact customer care each time they want to know the status of their order. A message, on the other hand, is delivered directly into their mobile phone and can probably never be filtered out. Send them all the information that you want to send via an email through an auto text, that is how to be sure that your messages have been delivered.

7. Conduct surveys

Auto texts give you a good space as a brand to conduct simple surveys. All you need to do is incorporate a survey application or use a 2-way auto text powered survey. This is the only way that you shall be able to conduct your surveys and get instant data.  Auto texts have been proven to provide quick data about products and services that brands can use to improve the same.

8. Support

Auto texts are an excellent way to provide incredible support to your customers. We all hate being put on waiting for long. A 2-way short message service is a great way to save your customers the headache of having to wait on the customer care line for long.

Customer care agents are able to answer the incoming messages and talk to several customers at the same time which increases customer engagement and satisfaction.


reading an autotext
reading an autotext

Should you use an app to increase your brand engagement with auto text?

The answer to this question is a big yes!. There is no doubt that there are several tasks waiting for your attention at one given time. For this reason, why not let an app like OnSpot Social handle some tasks for you?

OnSpot Social is one of the best brand engagement apps that will automatically trigger text messages from your iPad directly to your customer’s mobile phones.  The app is easy to integrate to the CRM  of your choice so that you are also able to send mobile coupons and push email messages whenever you deem necessary.

The app brings so much flexibility to your brand and you can almost never do without it after you realize how essential it is to your brand both in-store and at the events.


An engaged customer is a happy customer.  Engaging your customers with relevant content at several sales points is a sure way to build customer trust and increase your business value over time. With a proper auto text engagement strategy at hand, you won’t have to worry about losing your customers to your competitors.

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