7 Tips for Running a Successful Live Event

Running a successful live event is no joke. Even though, with proper strategies in place, you are not likely to face any frustrations. This article has put together the 7 tips for running a successful live event and the application you can use for planning and running your events effortlessly.


Running a successful live event is about more than just numbers. You need engagement. OnSpot Social App
Running a successful live event is about more than just numbers. You need engagement. OnSpot Social App

How to run a successful live event

There are several marketing ideas for events that are known to yield results. Read on to understand what you need to do to attain success when it comes to live events:

1. Brand your event

Let’s face it; several events are being planned each day. However, with proper branding, your event will easily stand out and attract a good number of attendees.

An event app such as OnSpot Social boosts campaign branding features that lets you easily incorporate your logos, font style, brand colors and more to your campaigns so that you excellently stand out from everyone else.

2. Make it personal

All event attendee want to feel special. They want to feel like they are attending their event.  The OnSpot event app comes with several high tech features to help you achieve personalization effortlessly.

The app lets you send instant messages or emails to your event attendees. Remember that you will need to send event reminders to keep the event excitement from fading away. For this reason, you must put an email and messaging strategy in place to attain the event success that you desire.  OnSpot app lets you execute your emailing and texting plan effortlessly with its robust customizable features.

During the events, the app’s group chat function lets the attendees explore several ways to bring excitement to the event so that they can yield the most out of your event.

3. Optimize attendee engagement

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Most attendees prefer engaging sessions over long and static listening sessions. Even though, we can agree that it might not be easy to change the event format at all times. For this reason, it is important to use the tools in place to increase attendee productivity and engagement during the event. Alternatively, you can use live polls via the app to collect feedback on the products or services launched at the event.

When done, strategically, attendee engagement highly contributes to the success of any event. However, remember not to overwhelm your audience with questions and polls, do it moderately.

OnSpot Social event app allows an attendee to interact with each other on your social media walls. Social media platforms increase the event excitement leading to several shares and feedback.

4. Obtain ongoing feedback

How about asking for feedback from your guests and presenters as the event unfolds? OnSpot Social app lets you send out surveys even before the event begins.  You may ask your attendees to mention the type of content or speakers they hope to see.  Get sentiments of the attendees during the event by sending out a real-time survey asking about how they feel about various activities at the event.

The app also enables you to collect post-event feedback from all your attendees. It boasts more than 25 campaign screens to help you capture feedback survey responses that you may need with several screen types such as satisfaction ranking, open text feedback and much more.

Your event app should work offline to enable you to capture customer feedback from anywhere. Your data will then automatically synchronize with your database anytime you are connected to the wifi. As an event owner, feedback is paramount in helping you plan your future events. OnSpot Social event app will work excellently offline to make sure that you have all the relevant data to help you improve your business.

5. The power of social media

Social media simply lets you share your event details to the world.  It is vital to have a social media strategy in place to host a successful campaign.

The app helps you convert your attendees into real social media followers in no time. With this app, the customers can now make use of the QR code to email or text themselves a link to your social media platforms.

You can simply turn your event attendee into promoters by simply running a contest to give away prizes to people who sign in for your social media list or those who receive most likes and shares.

Creating an online community before your event is another simple way to make your live event successful. Make sure that there is optimal attendee engagement before the actual event, this is to increase the buzz around the event and help the attendees find need to meet up with one another during or after the event.

Use of hashtags is another simple way to use social media to bring glory to your live event. Use relevant hashtags and make sure it is not in use elsewhere on social media. Additionally, add engaging visuals to your posts and allows your followers to contribute on the look as well. Pin your posts so that your event marketing efforts are fruitless in the long run.

6. Allow for networking

Most event attendees love networking at every chance they get. It is, therefore, important to use this to your advantage to run a successful event.  OnSpot Social allows you to facilitate connection for the attendees to collect new leads as well as mentors.  The app helps attendees quickly identify the right person to network with by looking at their fellow attendee profile details.

As an event owner, you have to fully understand that events are a great way to connect with those in the same industry.

7.  Make use of software integrations for event data

In most cases, you will find yourself using more than a single software to run multiple tasks to make the event a success. The main key is to have all your event tools integrate across all platforms to provide you with a robust overview of your event.

Software integration leads to increased effectiveness, increased productivity and transparent overview of all events happening

Last words

Running a successful live event is not a nightmare when you have functioning tools in place. OnSpot Social’s unique abilities will with no doubt help you make your event unforgettable.

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