OnSpot Social Integrates With AWeber Email Marketing Service

We are pleased to announce that OnSpot Social is now fully integrated with the AWeber email marketing platform.  AWeber users are able to quickly link their account directly to OnSpot Social.  Once setup, email addresses and contact information collected through the OnSpot Social iPad app will automatically feed into the selected AWeber subscriber list.  When used together, these two platforms provide a complete, front-to-back email marketing system.

Gone are the days of manually entering in all of the email addresses you collected offline.  Instead of a pen and paper signup form, businesses can now use an ipad app to collect email addresses that then flow instantly into their email marketing software.  Not only does this save businesses a substantial amount of time, but it also adds to the accuracy of the records as the data is being entered directly from the customer/client.


Linking Your AWeber Account to OnSpot Social

Setting up OnSpot Social to automatically send all data collected to your AWeber account takes less than 2 minutes to configure.

If you have not already, purchase an OnSpot Social subscription and use the coupon code aweber10 at checkout to receive a 10% discount.


Next, login to your OnSpot Social web account and click on the Integrations tab.  Once there, select the AWeber integration.

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Lastly, authorize OnSpot Social to communicate with your AWeber account.  After a successful connection, you will be given the option to select the desired AWeber list that contact information collected through the iPad should feed into.


Start Collecting Contact Information

Display an iPad running OnSpot Social in your business or at an event booth and start collecting contact information immediately!  We have seen businesses collect thousands of email addresses at events and hundreds within a few days in retail locations.  Take it a step further by setting up a welcome email or sales offer through your AWeber account that will get emailed out to new subscribers instantly.  Outfitting your business with an iPad kiosk opens up a whole new world of possibilities.