How to Promote an Event Successfully

Use of events apps has gone up just as the use of different social networks or even messaging apps.  Event promotion is not a choice for any business that aims at a good return on investment. For that reason, there are several ideas on how to get the most out of your event app. To begin with, understand that maximizing your event app is not rocket science; there are several ways to do so.

This article will help you understand how to promote an event successfully using the world’s leading event app OnSpot Social, continue reading …..


Event promotion is a key ingredient to successful marketing - OnSpot Social
Event promotion is a key ingredient to successful marketing – OnSpot Social

Why OnSpot Social for event promotion?

It is not a secret that there are thousands of event apps in the market today. Even though, one may have a difficult time choosing which one to settle for.  Here are some of the reasons as to why we think the OnSpot Social event app is your best bet.

  • One of the event organizers worst nightmares is paper. Honestly speaking, it is not worth spending lots of money-making brochures that most of your attendees are not even likely to go through. An event app saves your time and that of your attendees by making sure that everything is done conveniently.

OnSpot Social lets you keep track of your event campaign progress from the central web dashboard at any time from anywhere. Additionally, the app boasts several features to help you personalize each of your attendee’s experience hence increasing their chances of attending.

Ways to promote an event successfully

Marketing your event may seem like a daunting task, well with the following tips; we believe you are set to go.

 1. Social media marketing

There is no doubt that your target audience spends some of their time on various social media platforms. OnSpot Social boosts excellent ways to build your social media list to help you promote your events to a larger audience in no time.

By using QR codes, OnSpot Social app lets you get more followers on any social media platform. The app also sends your social media links to your audience via an automated email and text so that you can turn your attendees into real social media followers.

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OnSpot Social boost a campaign branding feature that lets you add your brand logos and colors to the campaign screens in no time. Additionally, with the app, you can now collect new social media followers’ details such as email address and name to maximize your event promotion.

  • You will fall in love with the app’s ability to work offline. It doesn’t matter where in the globe you are at, you can send your events invitation cards, text and emails at your own time and all the information will be automatically delivered to your audience as soon as you have an internet connection.

To help promote your event effortlessly the app allows you to run several contests across different social media platforms. This in return lets you give prizes to anyone that signs up for your event and social media list.

2.  Automated text and email

How can you convert your event leads into your followers for nurturing? OnSpot Social app features to text and email automation to make all that possible.

The app makes it possible for you to send instant event updates because with events, anything can change, from venue to switching of schedules. It is therefore important to keep your attendees informed by all costs.

  • OnSpot boosts automated instant event updates so that you have less to worry about. Alternatively, you can make use of the app’s notification push to alert your attendees of any event changes.

The app also personalizes digital content for your followers. It has a multiple-choice screen that lets your attendees select the type of materials they want to receive, such as videos, links to your blog, sign up forms or any other type of available digital content.

OnSpot Social features a customizable text and email message copy so that you can create a compelling call to action messages in no time. By doing this, the app helps you focus your attention on personalized individual attendees experience.

3. Attendees social network

OnSpot Social event app makes it easy for your attendees to have private social networking.  This helps them share their personal experience on the vent app’s activity stream. The app lets you include attendees’ profiles and lets them share photos, write comments and share the event happenings with each other and friends in private. This feature boosts your event promotion efforts tremendously.

  • OnSpot Social helps you stay on top of your event promotion. The app helps you keep track of investment by letting you know the number of attendees successfully signed up for your event.

4. Feedback and quick polls

Your event may have turned out great but your work is far from over. You need to evaluate your event promotional energies and come up with reports that can be useful in the future.

One of the best ways to better your future events is by getting feedback from your attendees. OnSpot Social allows you to capture customer feedback from anywhere. The app comes with several feedback customizable templates that feature open text feedback, ratings, rankings and much for.

  • The app lets your attendees participate in live polls and questionnaires so that they can give feedback to the presenters via the app; this in return increases engagement and interest among attendees.

OnSpot Social helps you increase your attendee participation by letting you send emails and texts with a digital coupon after the users complete a feedback survey. As part of your mobile feedback survey, your attendees can now make use of the emoticons to quickly express their satisfaction levels.

  • As if not enough, the app lets you add other features of the mobile survey such as net promoter score so that you can collect your customer feedback on a scale of 0- 10 ratings.
  • OnSpot Social allows you to quickly respond to your event attendee feedback by letting you instantly send a team member to the negative feedback customer through its real-time notification upon customer submission.

As an event organizer, you must accept both negative and positive feedback. Encourage your attendees to give honest feedback so that you can develop actionable steps depending on the feedback obtained.

Last words

Event marketing is a walk in the park when you invest in the right app. OnSpot Social app developers understand that engaging the audience at key touchpoints is one way to promote your event effortlessly.

Targeting and personalization is the only sure way to ensure that your attendees fall in love with your events for a long time. The app gives no room for failure when it comes to helping you promote your events exceptionally.

OnSpot Social can be purchased for one-time use or through affordable annual subscriptions. Whichever plan you to choose to go by, the app is a breath of fresh air to your event promotion strategy.

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