We Know Tablet & iPad Kiosks

There are numerous factors to consider when using a tablet in a public or business environment. There are also many tablet / iPad kiosk models on the market today.

We work with today’s leading kiosk manufactures to provide our clients with the best kiosk solutions for their particular businesses.

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Types Of Tablet / iPad Kiosks

Handheld Tablet / iPad Accessories

Planning on using your iPad while walking around? A number of handheld tablet grips and straps are available that secure a tablet to your hand while on the move. These accessories give the user a comfortable hold on the iPad and prevent accidental drops which are quite common.

Portable Tablet / iPad Stands

Portable iPad stands help display your tablet and keep it safe, while allowing it to be easily moved from location to location. A portable stand is typically secured with a steel cable and does not need to be bolted in. Perfect for trade shows, events, or any business that plans to use their tablet in multiple locations.

Counter & Wall Mounted Kiosks

Today, businesses are opting to permanently mount tablets in stores, restaurants, and offices. Counter and wall mounted iPad kiosks keep a tablet secured and accessible while saving space. There are numerous versions of mounted kiosks available that are suited to fit many different types of business environments.

Floor Mounted Tablet / iPad Kiosks

Floor mounted iPad kiosks provide maximum security and visibility for your tablet. Some iPad floor stands allow for customized branding and signage. Popular locations for floor mounted tablet kiosks include showrooms, entrance ways, and waiting areas.

Trusted Tablet / iPad Kiosk Partners

Below are our hardware partners that provide quality tablet kiosks and stands: