Top 6 iPad Sales Aid Apps For Your Sales Team

When it comes to your sales team, you want them operating to the best of their ability. Leveraging the right sales technologies is one way to ensure that happens. Many sales reps are already using iPads to educate customers on products and services. If your sales team is already using the iPad, why not amplify their efforts by equipping them with the very best sales aid apps? In this article we pulled together a list of iPad sales aid apps to help give you and your sale team the tools that they need to be at peak performance.

Onsight Sales App for Product Catalogues & Orders

Onsight Sales AppIf you are a company looking to help boost your sales force performance, then Onsight Sales might be the app you are looking for. This incredibly helpful and useful iPad sales aid app helps expedite and accelerate your company’s ordering process. By using this app you will be able to showcase and explain your products to customers in a quick, neat, and attractive fashion. On top of that, the app even has the ability to be completely accessible while offline, allowing for zero interruptions should there be a lack of service.

One of the most prominent reviews of the app states, “All I can say is that Onsight is a terrific company. If you take the time to set up your products you are guaranteed to increase sales. They built a custom version for my products and did a terrific job. Completely professional and competent.”

Onsight Sales can be downloaded today, free of charge, from here.


RepZioMade for both salespeople and product manufacturers, RepZio is made to make ordering easier. The RepZio iPad sales aid app is an easy-to-use app which makes complex tasks more manageable. One of the big selling points of RepZio is that it helps comfortably generate and scan barcodes for your products, allowing you to move and sell them faster. On top of that, RepZio is easily integratable with popular business tools such as Quickbooks, NetSuite, BlueLink, SalesForce, and many more.

A review of RepZio states, “Absolutely best ordering solution I have ever worked with. There are a few growing pains but the staff follows up with them immediatly. The most important part is my reps and customers love the product. Easy to use and very, very intuitive for an aging rep force. You literally have a new rep scanning and taking the order on their own in minutes. It runs like an Apple program, not like a Microsoft program shoe horned to fit an iPad like the other ordering systems out there.”

Similar to Onsight Sales, RepZio is free to download and can be found at the following link.

Order Taking

Order TakingA versatile iPad sales aid app, Order Taking helps your sales representatives show off your product catalog, take orders, check in on product inventory levels, quickly find a customer’s order history, and more. Reps can check out which of products rank as the most viewed to see which pique the interest of their customers. On top of that, Order Taking has easy to decipher charts and statistics to give brands better insight to how your business is running.

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A glowing review of Order Taking states, “The best app to take orders and send them in real time and a really good looking products Catalog .. I’m satisfied thank you Order Taking!

Similar to Onsight, Order Taking works offline, should you face and internet interruptions and is downloadable now free of charge here.

Mapview Sales Navigator

The majority of a sales reps’ day is spent commuting to multiple areas within a given territory in order to call on customers. Mapview Sales Navigator is an iPad sales aid app which allows sales reps to plan trips, optimize daily routes, figure out the best times to do drop-in visits, and set calendar appointments. Additionally, this app gives reps the ability to send email, create meeting times, and write down important notes right inside the app.

One user writes, “Mapview has been everything to me in my sales career. I love being able to see which of my prospects are in my area, and have navigation to each. Also, getting to log notes after each visit enabling me to pick up with the client where I left off. Any challenges I have had or assistance I have needed, their customer care group has been very quick to get in touch with me and help me out.”

Mapview Sales Navigator is free to download and available now in the iTunes app store.


Anyone employing a sales team will need to provide those reps with a tool for tracking mileage. By using MileBug, you will be able to help track the distance your salesmen and women are driving. You can set up MileBug to track multiple vehicles and the app even creates accurate expense reports for your viewing.

One user of MileBug states, “I’ve used MileBug for about a year. It allows me to track what clients I go to and add notes about the trip. It calculates either the number of miles or the beginning or ending mileage by simply filling in 2 of the 3 fields – beginning mileage, ending mileage, or # miles. Customizable destination and origin codes allow me to put in my clients and description lets me know what the visit is for.”

MileBug is available now for $2.99 on the iTunes app store.

OnSpot Social App (Shameless plug)

Enable your sales reps with sales tool for texting customers OR for use in collecting email at trade shows.

It is available from the iTunes store for free here

In Closing…

These are just a few of the iPad sales aid apps which can be helpful to your business while also not costing you a fortune. These easy to use sales apps should provide you plenty of ways to make your business more efficient.

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