What's the Best Customer Data Collection App In 2019

Forget about your pen and notebook for a minute! Mobile data collection tools are here to save your precious time and hard-earned money.  Additionally, customer data collection apps are less tiresome, there is no room for you to struggle with illegible handwritings!.


Customer data collection apps save time and money - OnSpot Social
Customer data collection apps save time and money – OnSpot Social

Why OnSpot Social for data collection?

Any software for collecting data must live to its promises. Besides the fact that there are several of them in the market, quite a number will disappoint. We have reviewed the best software for collecting data in 2019 to help you save your time and money. OnSpot Social is a top-notch data collection tool for the following reasons:

1.   Works offline

The app has to boost powerful offline capabilities; you do not need an internet connection to access or fill out any form through the app. Your data is collected and stored on the iPad and transmitted when the internet connection is available.

  • With just a push of a button, the application enables you to update your messaging and emails across all your devices.

2. Build your email list

OnSpot Social is one of the best mobile software for collecting prospects for future nurturing. The app comes with multiple customizable campaigns to help you collect as many emails as possible during your campaigns.

  • The app lets you have fun within cooperating your logos, brand colors and any designs into your campaign screens
  • OnSpot lets your easily converts your leads into social media followers thanks to its peer-peer social sharing feature.

OnSpot Social includes digital signage that attracts and encourages your audience to opt into your email list and follow you on your social media and website platforms. This data collecting software simply saves your business time and money used to print out forms.

3.   Boosts digital games and contests

As a business, you have to find ways to stand out from the crowd.  One of the best ways to do that is to work on customer engagement.   OnSpot Social’s digital contest feature helps you attract more customers during events and trade shows by letting you run contests to give away coupons to your customers during campaigns.

Use the app to have your customers take photos of themselves having fun during your events.  With the help of OnSpot’s capture app, your customers can be able to text themselves a photo filmstrip instantly.

4.   Easy integration

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As a business, you need more than one tool to carry out your day to day functions smoothly.  For this reason, you need software for collecting data that works well with other tools to help you achieve your business goals.  OnSpot Social app’s ability to integrate with email marketing platforms such as Aweber or MailChimp allows you to transfer your leads automatically to your email marketing account for nurturing.

5.   Automation marketing

Automation simply lets you put your hands on other tasks that cannot be automated. It is one of the easiest ways to keep your customers engaged hence a continued opportunity for you to increase brand visibility and increase your return on investment

The app’s ability to integrate with email marketing platforms enables you to sends emails and text messages to your customers and prospects with links to your products and services after each successful campaign. Additionally, the app lets your customers choose the type of materials they want to receive. They can choose videos, links to your website or email content.

6.   Get feedback in several ways

Feedback is crucial for any business that looks into strengthening its marketing strategy in the long run. The app lets you conduct multiple customer surveys from different audiences concerning the products and services you offer. It comes with the voice of a customer app that lets you use your iPad or iPhone to capture client’s feedback and employee from any place.

  • OnSpot Social boosts several campaign screens so that you can get feedback the way you desire. This helps you collect feedback using open text feedback, satisfaction rating rankings and more.
  • The app features an automated text and email function to help you encourage your clients to complete a survey in exchange with a digital coupon.

With the help of a net promoter score, you can be able to collect your customer feedback using on a scale of 1-10.   As if not enough, it comes with secure data access so that you can view your customers’ feedback from the control panel.

Feedback is vital for customer retaining and acquisition, it simply helps you work on your marketing strategy to achieve your business goals which include meeting the needs of your customers and expanding your business territories.

Final thoughts

There are several mobile data collection platforms in the market. This makes it difficult for any business to pick one that best suits their business needs.  For any business to thrive effortlessly there must be data collection mobile software in place to help with customer acquisition.

OnSpot Social app is more than just a data collection app, the app boosts other robust features that will help you attain your business goals in record time.

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