What Is the Best Lead Generation Software Available?

The biggest challenge in B2B marketing? Its leads generation.   Without lead generation software, there will be no revenues and guess that means trouble for your business.  How do you generate leads for your business? Where do you get the leads in the first place?   There are so many ways to capture leads. However, without lead capturing software, it may be not possible to nurture those leads and turn them into loyal customers.  We have discussed the benefits of a lead generation tool and reviewed one of the best in the market to help you get started on the right foot.


Lead generation software to capture essential leads - OnSpot Social
Lead generation software to capture essential leads – OnSpot Social


A lead generation system, is it really important?

Most will argue that you may not need a lead generation tool as a start-up business. Truth be told, any business irrespective of its class needs a lead generation tool to keep the fire burning. Here are some crucial reasons as to why you need a lead generation tool soon than later:

1.     Works remotely

There are several lead capture systems available. Most of these apps are able to capture data from anywhere without the availability of the internet. This allows you to collect as much data as you can without having to worry about your location. The systems then automatically synchronized to the main account once you get connected to the internet. This simply means that at the end of the day you shall have data collected at a single place for easy usability.

2.     Minimizes errors

Think of various people’s handwriting! most of your leads may not have legible handwriting hence making it hard for you to comprehend the data given. Furthermore, the process of manual data entry is hectic and prone to errors.  Without an efficient B2B lead generation tools you are likely to lose several leads.

3.     Easy monitoring

Most lead generation systems boost a staff monitoring feature that you can always take advantage of. As a business,  you must not overlook the power of teamwork. The tracking feature highly motivates your staff to do the right thing and go the extra mile in performing their allocated tasks.

4.     Saves time

Paperwork can be easily misplaced. Additionally, it is bulky and needs a lot of space and human labor to carry and sort it. A lead generation app lets you forget about all this, it saves you the headache of having to sit behind a computer for some hours in the name of nurturing data.

  • With a lead capture tool, instantly follow-ups are made possible so that you and your customers stay engaged from the word to go.

5.     Capture images

lead capture banner blog post

There are high chances that most of your customers walk around with their business cards. The lead generation tool lets you capture the card details with any other information that you may need hence saving you paperwork and pilling of such cards.


B2B lead generation software being discussed - OnSpot Social
B2B lead generation software being discussed – OnSpot Social


Why OnSpot Social for lead generation?

OnSpot Social is the king of the jungle when it comes to B2B lead generation. The app boosts robust features that are versatile and customizable to your liking. The app is easy to configure too. To ensure that your business gets a high lead generation; the software lets you configure your data verification settings to your liking.

The OnSpot Social app works perfectly fine both offline and online. It, therefore, gives its users an ability to engage with their customers and prospects and market their products and services from any part of the world.

To help tremendously increase your social media following, the app features peer-to-peer social. Additionally, OnSpot lets you brand your campaigns by adding your logo and favorite colors. With its multiple screens, on spot social lets you own your brand.

The app enables you to segment your audience depending on the criteria you choose so that you are able to properly reach your target customers and prospects with relevant products and services.

To make sure that you quickly and effortlessly capture leads even when you host a high traffic event, the app features a lead collection form that can be locked into a kiosk so that you have the form displayed on a large screen. The form automatically reloads of a blank form after each form submission.

The app boasts excellent integration systems meaning that you can send your data to the CRM of your choice and the email marketing tool you prefer. With this app, it is, therefore, possible to send nurturing materials to your potential customers so that you are able to build product and service awareness within a short time and turn those leads into loyal customers.

The apps’ automation features enable you to send instant emails and texts with coupons and links to your products and services thus increasing your chances of making sales.  Additionally, OnSpot supports several links to your website so that new prospects are able to be captured by the use of email signups, free offers and much more.

The software’s control panels allow you to monitor your reports and successfully track your return on investment so that you are able to adjust your business marketing strategies accordingly. Additionally,  OnSpot Social lets you manage your campaigns across all your devices by using the control panel website.


With B2B lead generation, you will need to put in more effort to see results.  From coming up with an effective marketing strategy to keeping your leads engaged until you turn them into loyal customers, the journey is not easy. However, a lead generation tool helps you put most of your worries to rest. The apps will help you complete your most dreaded tasks effortlessly hence helping you achieve your business goals within a short time.

If you are disappointed with your business return on investment, it is time to let OnSpot Social take the driver’s seat. Any business, needs loyal customers to thrive, it all starts with leads generation.

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