Best Lead Generation App in 2019

Mention one business that thrives without generating leads! I  guess none. Events are one of the greatest lead capturing spots but may as well mean nothing to your business if you do not have good lead capturing software in place. Lead generation apps keep lead information organized and accessible so that you are able to initiate interactions in the future if need be. Additionally, these apps help you qualify leads in minutes so that you are able to initiate meaningful conversations.

Here are the best lead generation apps in 2019:

  1. OnSpot Social

OnSpot Social is on top of our list for lead generation apps because of several reasons; foremost, this lead generation app is an excellent iPad app for individuals with less technical knowledge. The app’s user interface is extremely user-friendly which is another reason as to why it is popular among startups. Its real-time reporting dashboard gives users ample time needed to interact with leads during events and shows.

  • OnSpot Social works extremely well offline which means you can use the app during events in the remote areas and then, later on, update your database when online.

This lead generation software automatically captures customer feedbacks so that you are able to accurately define the impact of your products or services on your audience

OnSpot Social enables you to forward data to any CRM of your choice such as MailChimp. We believe that each business can make use of this great app in our way or another.

  • This app lets you collect unlimited social media signups with an iPad. This way you are able to convert your  leads into  social media followers

OnSpot can be purchased for one-off event or choose an annual subscription. Whichever way you go, be sure that the app is pocket-friendly.

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2. QuickTap Survey

This application lets you capture leads when offline, it is handy in remote areas and can be used as a kiosk. QuickTap survey lets you select a customized design from the many that are available. The app provides several background colours, logos and templates to enable you to get started in less than a minute.

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This lead generation software lets you capture as many leads as you wish with full details including phone numbers, addresses and emails.

  • QuickTap gives you the ability to effortlessly qualify your leads by use of the 15 qualification questions provided on the application.
  • The app lets you worry about anything else but not your leads’ data safety. It comes with encryptions to keep all your information locked and safe in your devices.
  • With the use of integrations or an API, the QuickTap Survey easily sends lead data to the CRM of your choice. The app is affordable and you can get yourself the pro subscription if you are looking forward to generating leads regularly during trade events.

3. Zuant

Zuant is also another great lead capturing software that works very well offline. The leads’ information then gets updated accordingly the moment you go online.

The app’s live reporting feature lets you closely monitor your prospects continuously. As if not enough, the app provides you with a graph showing the number of leads captured each hour.

Zuant allows you to create a lead qualifying questionnaire with any number of questions you desire. The app then gives you several answer formats to choose from. Your leads can then be accessed from whichever part of the world you are in,  meaning that you do not need any additional software.


Camcad is lead generation app of its kind. It is suitable for businesses that prefer customer cards. The app comes with an excellent card scanner that is able to read and interpret cards in 16 languages.

The app also lets you add notes alongside the customer data. You may add notes on what you discussed with the customer so that you are able to reach out to them later on. The app also features a reminder so that you are able to use it whenever you get to get back to the lead.

All the data the app collects can be synchronized across all your digital devices so that you are able to work from one single place. This also makes your leads contact information available through. The app also lets you share the cards via email or social media.

Camcad, lead generation app is extremely affordable hence highly recommended for a startup that wants to get the job done without breaking the bank.

5. iCapture

iCapture is another excellent lead generation app that will put to rest most of your lead generation app marketing tactics. The app allows you to customize your design depending on your brand’s visions etc.

The app lets you capture leads on your iPad and Android tablets. This app works very well offline and allows you to instantly forward your leads contact information to the CRM of your choice as soon as you capture them.

iCapture’s includes a world-class badge scanning technology to help you capture your leads effortlessly at any conference or trade show you attend.

The app allows you to create unlimited survey questions so as to enable you to qualify the leads easily. The app automatically emails anyone who takes the survey and includes a promotion and a thank you note.

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Our final words

We have listed several lead generation software above that will get the job done easily. Some such as OnSpot Social are suitable for start-ups and less tech-savvy individuals. This app is the top choice because of its simplicity yet ability to perform excellently.

Remember that It is not possible to know which events are valuable to your brand if you are not able to keep tabs on the leads. Excellent lead generating software will take care of all your business needs so that you are able to focus on other aspects of your business.

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