Tips for Using OnSpot Social Version 2.0 for Your Business

When the recession of 2008 hit, many companies had to find new ways of appealing to their audience, especially the retail industry, as consumers didn’t have as much discretionary income as they once did. As a result, this created a completely new kind of consumer needs; however, many companies could not afford to lower prices to provide more of a product or service for the same price.

Enter in-store marketing. With the introduction of the iPad, many businesses with storefronts were able to convert in-store traffic into social media and email connections, allowing them to gain more Facebook Likes, Twitter followers and customer email addresses — all just by running OnSpot Social on their storefront kiosk.

With the new release of OnSpot Social, Version 2.0, many businesses are taking advantage of the new survey feature, and if you’re not already using it yourself, you should highly consider getting on this bandwagon if you want to expand your social media audience.

With an entire set of survey features for this application, your business can now collect virtually any type of data easily and conveniently. Regardless of what industry you are in, you will want to take advantage of gathering at least one of the following:

  • Postal Address, Zip Code: Send consumers coupons, promotions and special offers
  • Email: Send consumers digital mail– going green impresses a lot of people
  • Birthday Information: Send gifts and special offers to consumers around their birthday
  • Multiple Choice Questions: Ask consumers about specific products/services you offer.
  • Phone Number/Business Phone: Make connections with other businesses to grow your network.
  • Website/URL: Connect with other businesses online

No Internet? No Problem!

One of the biggest advantages of OnSpot Social 2.0 is its ability to collect Facebook Likes without an internet connection. How? Simply turn off the On-the-Spot Facebook Like collection feature and turn on the QR Code/Email-the-Link Facebook Link collection feature– it’s that simple!

Because consumers will have the option to input their email address and emailing them the link to your company’s Facebook page, you are effectively expanding the number of Facebook Likes that you can potentially collect. Consumers will also have the option of scanning a QR code to like your Facebook Page. Either way, it’s more business for you!

If you use the QR Code/Email-the-Link feature without an internet connection, you can tap the “General” tab (located within the Administrative Section) and then tap the “transmit to server now” option the next time you’re connected. This feature will automatically upload the data you have gathered while you were unconnected and send it to the OnSpot Social servers, which will then point the emails from the “email-the-link” feature to your potential consumers.

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Using the new features offered in OnSpot Social 2.0 will make collecting important data from your consumers much more easy and convenient– for both of you! Since many customers don’t usually want to take the time out of their day to fill out a survey, or give out more information than they have to, OnSpot Social gives them the opportunity to select what kind of information they want to provide. Regardless of what kind of information they give, you’ll still have at least some kind of connection with them.