How Local Social Media Can Change Your Business's Storefront

One of the most common misconceptions about social media strategies is that only the most popular brands and largest enterprise organizations are able to afford success. Many believe this to be true because many of us are under the impression that larger businesses have unlimited resources and the connections and financial freedom to execute on all new ideas. In actuality, small businesses really do possess a significant advantage over big businesses. They are able to recognize, as well as adapt, to new opportunities more quickly. Not only do small businesses have the capability of finding these opportunities, but they are also able to do this with far less of an investment. In addition, smaller businesses have a larger capacity to learn and improve at will.

If you are wondering as to why customers would connect with your business through social networks, how your business would gain value out of online engagement and how local social media would impact your business, a business should first consider the root of the problem. When determining how a small business should consider how to implement a local social media strategy, it is important to understand the impact of social networks. Unfortunately, many of today’s social media programs start with the technology in mind, rather than with the solution in mind. As a result, many businesses will get started on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google+ and other social media sites without thinking twice about the opportunities or customer expectations and experiences.

Bringing Social Media To Your Storefront

In addition, once business page owners of Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites create these social media accounts, they will often struggle with finding interesting ways to gain more “Likes” and followers to increase their online presence. If you currently have a Facebook business page or business Twitter account for your local business, consider investing in social media signs for your storefront. Another option may be to include an interactive kiosk in your store for your customers. From the kiosk, customers may access your store’s social media accounts and view them. This can be a very effective strategy for gaining more Facebook “Likes” and Twitter followers as your customers will not have to spend their time finding your store online themselves or use their own electronic devices.

As the customer’s first impression is created by the appearance of the storefront, the design of the storefront itself must be balanced in modern design, signage, displays, as well as lighting in order to generate a unique impact. Utilizing storefront software is often able to help drive more customers into your store. A professionally-designed storefront will also likely increase foot traffic and sales more easily. Successful storefront design will encompass all factors. The evolution of storefronts is forever-changing. Over the last ten years, consumer expectations, improved design and construction capabilities and expanding technology have been the catalyst for this evolution. Today, storefront signage has the ability to change the way consumers purchase.