Facebook Like Kiosk - A New Approach To Build Your Following

To date, most Facebook Page promotion occurs online.  To increase Facebook Followings, companies often cram their websites full of Like buttons and links to their Facebook Pages.  Others take it a step further by running paid Facebook Ads to increase their Likes.  A few place QR codes linked to their Facebook Page in a store front in hopes of turning store visitors in Facebook Followers.  However, these QR codes sometimes go unnoticed and may do little to entice a visitor to Like a Facebook Page.

Place a Facebook Like Kiosk In Your Business

A new trend emerging is the use of a Facebook Like kiosk that is setup in-store or at an event.  With attractive displays and interactive features, these setups do more to draw the attention of passersby than a static QR code printed on a flyer.  Messaging can be added to the kiosk to encourage every customer/visitor to Like your business’s Facebook page right there on the spot.

When used correctly, businesses employing Like kiosks have gained a substantial number of new followers in short periods of time.  A noted advantage of obtaining new followers in-store is the fact that they are typically individuals that have a high level of interest in your products/services.  When using Facebook Ad campaigns online, the quality of new followers may vary.

Turn Your iPad Into A Like Kiosk

OnSpot Social is the premier iPad app for converting your iPad into a Facebook Like kiosk.  With a user friendly interface and email/phone support, setup is quick and simple.  In addition to increasing Facebook Likes, the app also allows businesses the ability to collect email addresses/contact information from visitors as well as Twitter Follows.  Animated messaging and graphics are used to attract store visitors or event attendees to your iPad kiosk.