The Modern Day Facebook Table Tent

Similar to Like Us On Facebook Posters , Facebook Table Tents are a tactic businesses use to encourage customers to Like their Facebook Page.  A table tent would be placed on a counter top or flat surface at a business’s location with the goal of increasing Facebook likes.  The 3-D table tent may attract more attention than a flat Facebook poster taped to the wall, but in some instances it still doesn’t cut it.

OnSpot Social is an iPad App to Like Facebook Pages as well as collect email addresses and Twitter Followers.  In addition to a QR code feature, the app allows customers to actually like a business’s Facebook page directly through the business’s  iPad setup on the counter.  There is no need for the customer to get out their smart phone and go through the process of locating the business’s Facebook page.

A negative of the table tent is the fact that you are not able to change the messaging on it easily.  Many businesses run promotions/contests to encourage people to Like their page.  From time to time, business owners like to change certain aspects of the promotion.  With a table tent, you may need to purchase a new one to reflect the updated messaging.  When using an app such as OnSpot Social, the messaging can be changed easily and as often as needed through the admin section of the app.  Additionally, the text is animated and draws the attention of the customer more than a static table tent.

The Facebook table tent certainly had its place, but with the cost of iPads falling and consumers embracing technology more everyday, using an app to gain Facebook Likes in your business may make sense.  For more information on how the OnSpot Social app works, please watch the demonstration video.