The Premier iPad App To Like Facebook Pages

Today there are apps designed for just about any and every task out there.  If you’re a business owner, there is an abundance of productivity iPad apps that can help streamline your operations to save time and money.  When it comes to marketing, there is one app in particular that can be used to significantly increase social media and email connections.  OnSpot Social is the iPad App to Like Facebook Pages and supplement your online marketing program.

The process is quite simple and can be used by any business with a physical location or trade show booth.  Download the OnSpot Social app on your iPad, display it in a visible location within your business, and allow customers to quickly Like your business’s Facebook Page as they pass by.  Users have the options to Like your Page instantly on the spot through your business’s iPad, scan a QR code for your Facebook Page to Like it on their mobile device, or email themselves a link to your Facebook Page to Like it from their personal computer or mobile device. To date, the app has proven effective as a number of customers were able to get 100’s of Likes for their Pages within a period of a few days.  OnSpot Social is designed to be used in a variety of environments with no restrictions on the type of Facebook Page the app can Like.  Below are some of the prime locations we have seen the app used:

  • Retail store checkout counters
  • Trade show booths
  • Restaurant waiting areas
  • Dentist & physician offices
  • Concert venues & music halls
  • Bars & taverns
  • Tourism & information booths

Whether your business is just launching its page or has already built a solid following, in both cases it will still be difficult to gain new followers.  If spending a few dollars per click through Facebook Ads to obtain new followers isn’t in your budget,  an iPad app to Like Facebook Pages may be your best option.  Additionally, OnSpot Social allows for collection of customer email addresses to help complete your business’s online marketing campaign.  Interested in more information?  Contact Us to learn more and to discuss subscription discounts available.

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