Like Us on Facebook Posters: The New Alternative

It’s a challenge to make it through a single day without seeing a Like Us On Facebook poster or flyer in a business around town.  Even more repetitive is seeing this phrase on every other magazine ad or TV commercial.  The key to marketing success is creativity.  By placing a Facebook Like sign at your place of business or on an advertisement, you are simply doing what everyone else is doing.  By this point in the game, consumers for the most part pay no attention to these signs as they have become common place.  Many business owners tried to break out of the box by latching onto the QR Code concept.  Most have seen minimal success with this method as consumers simply aren’t using QR code readers here in the U.S. as much as they are in places like Japan.

So what does that leave?  What other methods exist to encourage consumers visiting your business to connect with you online?  OnSpot Social (pictured below) basically takes the ideas of the Like Us On Facebook Poster and Follow Us On Twitter sign and digitalizes them.  If you were a customer standing in a checkout line at a local coffee shop, which would grab your attention more:  A piece of paper with a static message on it, or an iPad with a full screen animated message?  Suppose both did draw your attention the same amount, which would persuade you more to connect with the coffee shop on Facebook or Twitter: a poster asking you to manually search for the coffee shop on Facebook/Twitter on your own personal device or an intuitive social media iPad connection app right in front of you?

We aren’t totally down on using a traditional poster or sign to advertise Facebook/Twitter.  Over the years they have successfully helped many businesses build social media followings.  However, times are changing and we believe today they should be used as a supplemental aide to a more direct sign up approach.  We have found using paper signage to direct consumers to an in-store signup device to be the most effective overall.

What are your experiences with posting Facebook and Twitter posters in your business?  Are they effective?  Specifically, have those who have been using a poster for years now seen them become less effective more recently?

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