Event Marketing With The iPad

As companies look to reach their targets using methods outside of the traditional marketing channels, many businesses are turning to event marketing.  In today’s cut-throat business world, placing ads in the newspaper or purchasing a small banner ad on a hot website does nothing to put your company ahead of competitors.  Event marketing brings your business’s message directly to your targets with in-person sampling and interactive displays.  With this tactic, a business is able to target a specific audience at a set location.

A common misconception is that event marketing only takes place at a trade show or convention.  In reality, event marketing is taking place every day, all around us.  Remember that table setup in the grocery store where they were handing out free samples?  That’s event marketing.  What about the Bacardi reps handing out free drinks at the bar?  Also event marketing.  As one can see, it it comes in many forms.

Generating Leads From Events

Regardless of how an event is run, one’s primary goal is to interact with customers and create sales.  Collecting leads’ names and contact information is often an important part of the process.  Using an iPad app to capture email addresses and contact information at an event is an effective, hassle free way to provide you with the information needed to follow up on leads.

Apps designed for this purpose, such as OnSpot Social, allow you to create animated messages and contests to encourage visitors to provide their contact information.  Additionally, iPad email collection apps save the employees running the event substantial time as they no longer need to manually type handwritten email addresses collected into a database.

Discover More Information About Your Leads

There is really only so much information you can request from event attendees when collecting their contact information.  In fact, typically the less information you ask for, the more visitors you’ll find that will be willing to take the time to fill out a contact form.  For this reason, many event marketers simply ask attendees for an email address and possibly a first and last name.

Event Chocolate is a new, innovative service that provides your company with all that extra information about event attendees.  Event Chocolate’s platform locates the social profiles for each attendee and allows the event organizer and attendees to communicate and connect with each other online.  A simple concept with powerful results.