How to Do Publicity for an Event

Wondering if there is any existence of cool promotional event ideas that yield results?  The truth of the matter is that you will still feel anxious about your upcoming event even after putting so much effort into organizing it. As a business owner, you must have a marketing strategy for your events that will encourage people to show up. Implementing the right event publicity tips can make all the difference.

To help you avoid being overwhelmed each time you are set to host an event, we will discuss cool promotional event ideas and an app that will help you save time and increase your event attendees significantly.


Effective event publicity tips implemented well can make that vital difference to your event - OnSpot Social
Effective event publicity tips implemented well can make that vital difference to your event – OnSpot Social

Event publicity tips that work

It is time to get tactical with the following cool event promotional ideas:

1.   Set the mood

Social media has always been a great platform for building event anticipation. That being said, it remains your duty as an event host to make use of the most popular social media platforms such as facebook, twitter and snap chat to spread the word about your event to your audience.

Facebook’s live feature makes it easy for you to interact with your targeted attendees face to face. This way you have an opportunity to answer any questions about the event during your live session.

  • OnSpot Social app boosts digital ads and branded videos to help you enhance your marketing campaigns. Additionally, the app features digital games and contests to help you capture your audience attention on social media or at the field days to your event.

2.   Talk of your event speakers and attendees

Leveraging your event attendees and speakers is one simple way of increasing your brand visibility effortlessly. In fact, this is one of the best ways to create publicity around your event since it motivates the attendees to equally promote your event to family and friends through word of mouth and social media sharing.

OnSpot Social app easily integrates with any social media so that your speakers can post on their social media platform and promote their sessions and of course your event earlier enough.  Most speakers are authoritative in their fields and by sharing the event details, you can be sure to achieve the event publicity you desire.

3.   Email marketing

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Email marketing is a powerful event promotion tool. Even though, you need to understand it may not work for you if not used wisely. Segmenting your email list is the first step towards targeting the right audience. Create relevant campaigns for each of the segments that you will have already created. This simple act of email targeting will ensure that you send the right information about your event to the right audience. OnSpot Social app effortlessly integrates with several email marketing platforms to help you get the most out of your email list. Excellent email marketing tools allow you to segment your list depending on your intended message.

  • OnSpot Social app automatically sends out emails and text messages to your audience. The app’s email scheduler lets you conveniently schedule your emails thus increasing engagement with your attendees. This feature is great for sending out reminders on ticket purchase before the event.
  • The app simply makes it possible for you to increase your return on investment through the simple act of ad retargeting through emailing.

4.   Personalization

People want to feel special at all costs. For this reason, your messages need to be tailored in a way that they can build anticipation and attract people’s interests. Your messages should include crucial highlights of the upcoming event, ticket discounts for those that purchase earlier, key speakers and more.

OnSpot Social app features several templates for emails so that you are able to target each segment of your audience with the right announcements.  Personalizing your event marketing strategy simply means you send different announcements to different groups of your attendees

OnSpot Social also lets you use seamlessly incorporate your branding directly into the campaign screens. You can add your logos and brand colors just the way you desire. This way you are able to increase the visibility of your keynote speakers on your social media platforms and event website.

5.   Encourage attendee engagement

A successful event must provide a broad platform for attendees to interact endlessly. This is a simple way to ensure that your event gains popularity through a word of mouth.

  • OnSpot Social boost a community board that allows the attendees to freely ask questions about the event and plan meetings with those they desire to connect with during the event.
  • The app also features digital contests and giveaways also encourage people to attend your event. Additionally, contests help increase attendee engagement significantly.

6.   Talk of your ended event

Your event publicity does not stop when the event ends. For the sake of the future events that you may host, it is important to combine posts of the attendees who used your event hashtag with the photos taken at the event to create a second buzz for your business. As a business, post-event engagement is vital in letting you determine the overall effectiveness of your event.

  • OnSpot Social app boosts visual surveys that you can use to let your users quickly identify their satisfaction level. As if not enough the app boosts secure data access so that you can quickly determine satisfaction trends and have you make better and informed brand decisions in the future.

Final thoughts

There is no single doubt that a successful marketing strategy for events must be well thought out. You must have your event goal in place. With the above cool promotional event ideas, an excellent event app and engagement ideas; you are set up for a great event ahead.

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